The IVF Centre Or IUI Clinic Can Help Couples To Overcome Infertility Problems?

by Aarogya IVF Centre Infertility Treatment Centre in Delhi

Every couple aspires to achieve parenthood at some point of time in their life. Though giving birth to a child is a very normal and natural process for many women in our society. However, the flip side of the coin reveals that not all couples are fortunate enough. Many of them are affected by infertility problems and need the help of the IVF centre in East Delhi to overcome their problem.

Though not every couple has to go through a complicated and ardent like IVF, many can do with the help of the IUI treatment which is a mild treatment as compared to other IVF procedures. The IUI clinic in Delhi can help you to conceive using IUI treatment procedure.

What is the right time to consult the IVF centre?

As a matter of fact, when you realize that you are not getting pregnant provided you are doing everything right for 12 months or more such as:

  • Timely performed sexual intercourse with your partner

  • Using no contraceptive

  • Women age is below 35 year

In such cases, you should immediately consult the IVF clinic. The doctor will assess your condition and follow the treatment accordingly. Without consulting the fertility expert at the clinic you would not be able to understand the complication that is causing infertility problems. The clinic will conduct several tests to locate the root cause of the problem.

If the age of the women is above 35 years, you should not wait for more than 6 months. It is so because, after 35, the scope of getting pregnant naturally diminishes abruptly. Moreover, the possibilities of miscarriage are also all-time higher.

Which IVF clinic should I consult?

Always consider the following factors while you are selecting the IVF clinic:

  • Credibility

  • Medical infrastructure and facilities

  • Use of technology

  • Experience IVF expert and specialist

  • High success rate

  • Insurance cover

  • Customer satisfaction

IUI treatment clinic

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) facilitates a less expensive and relatively non-invasive fertility treatment as compared to the In Vitro Fertilization procedure. In many cases, it is recommended to begin with IUI before hopping on to the IVF procedure. You can discuss with the fertility expert about the applicability of this method in your case at the IUI clinic in Delhi. The fertility expert will give you fertility medicine in order to stimulate ovulation before the insemination procedure.

The IUI treatment involves placing sperm inside the uterus with the help of the thin needle-like instrument. It helps to maximize the number of sperm to reach the uterus and avoid the hurdles of reaching the egg. The procedure is performed in the IVF centre in East Delhi around the time of ovulation. The semen sample is collected from the male partner or the donor which has to go through the sperm washing process. It helps to get a concentrated amount of healthy and viable sperm from the semen for the IUI procedure. The cost of the IUI procedure may vary from clinic to clinic but it is less expensive from the treatment like IVF.

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