The Ethernet Network Connectivity Allows the Transfer of Data for Demanding Applications

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The Ethernet cables are used to connect reliably and fast computers, game consoles or routers to be an Internet network, or to a corporate wired network.  The cables and Ethernet cables can be flexible or rigid. In their flexible version, they are used as patch cords (short cables to connect plugs located on patch panels to switches). In a rigid version, they serve to constitute high speed Ethernet computer networks.

The Ethernet connector -These connectors are particularly suitable for ethernet networking for audio, commercial, entertainment, event, DMX lighting, as well as external internet access.The connectors are best for all types of advanced transmissions such as CAT6a, CAT6, CAT5e as well as type D in accordance with TIA / EIA 568C.2 and ISO / EC 11801 respectively. They typically include male carriers, assembled sockets, bushings, cable couplers and shielded cables with or without LED lighting options. Whether you're looking for speed or compatibility, they provide security for your ethernet connections while ensuring compatibility with all the cables on the market.

Shielded Patch Cables
contains four pairs of 24 AWG / 0.51 mm in diameter or 23 AWG / 0.57 mm in diameter. Each of these pairs is twisted. The four pairs are encapsulated in the sheath, with or without a plastic separator in the center.Each wire can be single-stranded or multi-stranded, that is to say constituted by a single wire or a myriad of small wires.  When you buy the cable by the meter, it is mostly single-stranded. The multi-strand is less efficient than the single strand and should not be used for lengths greater than 30 meters.When making your own cords with cable to the meter and connectors, pay attention to this important point.

Coaxial cables are used to connect data or telecom equipment to transmit radio signals

Coaxial cables are thick cords of wire or non-metallic fibers that consist of an inner insulated core of stranded or solid wires surrounded by externally insulated flexible wire braids.


1. Durable: they are relatively durable compared to most other CCTV cables because of their manufacture in highly resistant materials that usually resist wear elements.

2. Versatile: They can be used for a variety of applications such as radiofrequency signal transmission, construction, towing vehicles and mooring boats.

3. Distance: They may be used to relay signals over moderately large physical distance.

At home a basic cable RG59 Coaxial Cables are used to connect TV, VCR and satellite receiver.

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