Substance Abuse Treatment: A Brief Overview

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It is a general notion that physical activity such as high-intensity exercise keeps the mind and body of teenagers fit and healthy. However, contrary to this belief, a recent study conducted by New Zealand and Royal Australian School of Psychiatrists demonstrated that teenagers doing intensive and regular exercise have more probability of developing substance and addiction issues. Hence, substance abuse treatment is the essential treatment therapy for young teenagers.

substance abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 43,703 students from 360 private and public schools participated in 2017 Monitoring the Future survey and reported their drug use behaviors. The study showed that 27.8 percent high school seniors used “vaping”. Nearly 51.8 percent of 12th graders said that they inhaled flavored mist while 32.8 percent said nicotine and 11.1 percent reported marijuana or hash oil. Also, more than 1 in 10 said they consume nicotine while 1 in 20 reported using marijuana in the device. Thus, there are higher chances of misusing substance by the teenagers.

Evidence showing physically active teens more prone to substance or alcohol abuse

Researchers studied the physical activity of 3500 teenagers aged 14 years and analyzed their outcomes at 21 years of age. It was found that young athletes especially, teenage girls doing exercise more than four times in a week, experience more substance abuse problems or are at a higher risk of alcohol addiction. Also, the study suggested that serotonin release during intense exercise can be responsible for adolescents turning to alcohol and drugs. If your teenager or young kid is suffering from drug addiction, then you must go for substance abuse treatment in Georgia.

Factors that influence substance abuse in teenagers

Many external pressures of the society can lead growing children to choose the path of substance abuse or addiction to alcohol.  Additionally, if someone is surrounded by the athletes taking alcohol, then the probability is more that he/she will also take alcohol, although he said that there is little evidence to prove this point.

Effect of substance and alcohol use in adolescents

Addiction to substance or alcohol put adolescents at the risk of problems like fights, accidents, drug overdose complications, mental health disorders and poor performance at school. It can also lead to unwanted sexual activity and other unfortunate incidents. Therefore, teenagers must be discouraged from taking a substance or alcohol. Substance abuse rehab centers is the best place to take the treatment.

Road to recovery

Teens have a less probability to abuse substances or alcohol when their parents interact with them. As a parent, you can observe various psychological, physical and behavioral signs that indicate that your child might be using alcohol or drug. The signs of drug abuse are bloodshot eyes, seizures, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, impaired coordination, and slurred speech. Some of the other behavioral signs are borrowing or stealing money, withdrawing or isolation from friends and family, loss of interest in daily activities, mood swings, and sudden outbursts of anger.

Take substance abuse treatment and get sober and free from substance abuse

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