Steps To Hire JavaScript Developer For Your Project

by Vitaly Kuprenko Technical Writer

When you need to create a website, you should think about what specialists you need to hire. First of all, you need to hire JavaScript developer since it is used for website building in most cases.

But how and where to find them? What criteria should you consider when you are looking for JS developer? This guide will spell everything out to help you make the right choice.

Roles and responsibilities of JS developer

JavaScript is used for building attractive and full-fledged web apps and websites, but JS developers may have different roles and responsibilities, let’s check them out in details.

Roles of JS programmer

  • Front-end developer. Front-end building means the creation of an interactive graphical interface that will give users high-quality service with everything they see on a website or app. HTML, CSS, JS are the main tools to create front-end. But when creating front-end, it is necessary to consider that there are various devices and browsers, and front-end quality can be different, and this process requires an individual approach.
  • Back-end developers. Front-end is required part of the development process, but it won’t work without server-side functionality. So back-end development takes also a lot of time and resources to ensure that everything will work properly and without failures. Node.js is used for the development of back-end.
  • Full-stack developers. These developers are good both in front-end and in back-end development, so such programmers are more experienced and they can fulfill many tasks.

Responsibilities of JS programmer

Responsibilities of JavaScript developer can be completely different considering that tasks may vary. Let’s figure out the main responsibilities for each type of JS developer.

Front-end developer

  • Graphical interface development;
  • JS, HTML and CSS code writing
  • Cooperation with back-end developers during the process

Back-end developer

  • Enhancement of graphical interface with logic and functionality;
  • Using Node.js and relevant web app development services to build back-end part
  • Technical requirements gathering

Full-stack developers

  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Databases creation
  • Design of architectures

Skills required for JS developers

Here we will specify the main skills that JS developers should be good at.

Front-end JS programmer skills

Front-end developers need to know tools like HTML and CSS to create a graphical interface. Apart from this, a front-end programmer also often use JS frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, Vue etc.

Back-end JS programmer skills

The main technology for building back-end is Node.js, and it is also used with such frameworks like Express.js, Koa.js, Sails.js. Back-end developers always work with databases, so they need to be skilled at SQL or MongoDB. GraphQL or REST are required for APIs building.

As for full-stack developers, there is no need to list their skills again since all of them are shown above.

So when you look for JS developers, you can test them to find out whether they are good at a skill set that we provided you with.

Questions to interview JS developers

To find out more about candidates and make sure that they are good specialists, you need to interview them and make your decision.

Interview with JS developers consists of hard and soft skills, and soft skills are not less important than hard skills.

For a start, you should assess how good your candidate at dealing with the main challenges like problem solving, how they will find an appropriate solution to the problem, creativity (the way to come up with a good idea that will help simplify the development process), teamwork (developers need to be rather sociable to be able to communicate with other team members), keeping up with trends (developers need to stay tuned and monitor what new trends appear, so they always need to learn something new to be competitive).

Hard skills questions

Hard skills questions may vary depending on what type of JS developer you need, however, we can list some basic questions for them:

  • How do you structure your CSS and JavaScript to make it easier for other developers to work with?
  • What is a closure in JavaScript?
  • What is function hoisting? What are the two ways of creating a function?
  • What is Event-driven programming?

Other questions you may find according to your requirements, or you can just contact a good software development company and ask them to interview a specialist for you.

Soft skills questions

Soft skills questions examples were shown above, it means that you need to understand how JS developer will be good at communication and problem solving. Also, you may test them for conflict management, whether they can deal with team conflicts and solve them. In fact, soft skills questions can be composed on your own.

To hire JS developer, you need to know the responsibilities and roles of this specialist, skills, and how to interview them. It will help you hire a first-rate specialist!

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