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The most important power that can be conferred on any member of Freemasonry by the Lodge is his election as the Master of a Lodge. This honorary degree of the Lodge is offered to the Master of a Lodge when he resumes the office. When the Master of the Lodge successfully completes his period, he is presented the Past Master’s jewel. This jewel has a Square and Compass as well as the triangle of the Perfect man and the Blazing Sun. This is given by the fellow brethren of the Lodge as an appreciation of his service and dedication towards the fraternity. This Past Master jewel also signifies that the Master of the Lodge has passed through the various Craft degrees and attained the level of seniority in the fraternity.

Before a Past Master receives the Masonic Past Master Jewel, he has to pass through a long journey. It means that the Past Master has gained more knowledge at each step and has attained this through his hard work and diligence. Before reaching this stage, he has worn a number of jewels as each officer level requires a different Masonic collar jewel.

Steward’s Jewel

This jewel is worn by both the Junior and Senior Steward and it bears the symbol of cornucopia or the horn of plenty. This signifies abundance of food. Their duties involve: helping out in setting up the Lodge room, helping out around the kitchen and also helping the new candidates to prepare for the rituals involved in their degrees.

Junior Deacon’s Jewel

This jewel possesses a Square and a Compass with a Moon placed in the center. He is responsible for guarding the door to the Lodge.

Senior Deacon’s Jewel

This jewel also has a Square and a Compass similar to that of a Junior Deacon’s jewel. The only difference is that it has Sun in the center. He acts as a messenger of the Worshipful Master.

Junior Warden’s Jewel

This jewel has a plumb which was a tool used by the Stone Mason’s for calculating the vertical alignment of the surface. The Junior Warden is in charge of arranging food for the Lodge. 

Senior Warden’s Jewel

This jewel has the symbol of level, which was a tool used by the Stone Mason’s for calculating the horizontal surface. This level signifies that how a Mason should meet all the levels in term of social, political and religious. The Senior Warden supports the Worshipful Master in his workings and also prepares for the time when he has to take over the Master’s place.

Worshipful Master’s Jewel

This jewel has the right angle of a Square and is given to the highest post in the Lodge. This tool was used by the Stone Mason’s to check the angels in order to cut the stones and signifies virtue. 

The Worshipful Master presides over the Lodge and manages its entire workings. Also, his word remains the final when any decision has to be taken for the working of the Lodge.

After the successful completion of Worshipful Master stage, the Masonic Past Master jewel is awarded. This Masonic Past Master Jewel is an inverted and extended version of the Worshipful Master’s jewel.

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