SQLite Recovery Tool viable to recover Sqlite deleted Database file

by Abrienne Jonethan IT & Technical Writer

Today’s most common issue related to SQLite is to recover SQLite deleted database files. But it’s not easy to recover SQLite data. Therefore, this blog will explain all the appropriate solutions to solve the concern related to the database. This blog includes various sections in which first it will be explaining about SQLite Database, then reasons for deletion, and then ways to solve the problem.

SQLite Database-

SQLite is a software library that offers a system for the management of relational databases. In SQLite, the lite means light-weight in terms of configuration, database management, and resource specifications. 

With some more services including numerous high-profile initiatives, it is one of the widely available databases in the world. 

It is also embedded in the SQL database engine, and unlike any other SQL database, there is no single server process in SQLite. 

It reads and writes directly into the ordinary disk file. However, users may mistakenly delete the records from the SQLite and then it becomes necessary to recover them in order to maintain continuity of business.

What is the SQLite Database Structure?

The B-Tree structure follows the SQLite server. To maintain each index and table within the database, an individual B-Tree is used. All B-Trees are stored in an identical disk folder and file format details are stable and well-defined. In addition, the SQLite library's B-tree subsystem & rest interface is indicated by the btree.h header file. 

Pages in Database: There are one or more pages in the chief database file. If we're talking about a page's width, it's the power of 2 between 512 and 65536. The pages in a similar database are of the same size. The width of the page is calculated by a 2-byte integer, which is put at the start of the server at the offset of 16 bytes.

The header of Database: The file’s top 100 bytes comprise the database file header. The header of the file is divided into two different fields. All multibyte fields in the database file header are saved first with the most significant byte.

How SQLite recover deleted records directly?

You can use SQLite Database Recovery utility to recover SQLite deleted Databases without making an extra effort. Follow the steps from below:

This utility is developed to SQLite recover data files. Tables, views, triggers, and columns can be retrieved by using this tool. It includes a user-friendly GUI. Now, let us begin to know its working:

Sqlite database recovery


  1. Initially, launch SQLite Database Recovery software. Then hit on the Open button and choose your corrupt SQLite files.

  2. Then the scanning process will start executing. Wait until its completion.

  3. Next, hit the recovered table in the list and press on the Map Column button to change its column type.

  4. Choose the recovered tables to save OR choose the ROOT folder to save all information into a new database file. Hit on the Save button.

  5. Then choose options: Save in SQLite to save recovered data into an SQLite database or Save in MDB to save in the MDB database. Hit Browse.

  6. At last, choose a path to save the new database file and provide a name to this database file.

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned about SQLite Database with their structure. Then all steps to recover SQLite deleted Database have been provided. Hopefully, you will understand it properly.

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