Some Useful Gardening Tools And Their Uses

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Agriculture or gardening needs varieties of tools for work. It cannot be done manually. Till date many important tools have been invented or have been designed in order to make the work easy. From Preparation of the soil to planting of the seeds, all sorts of works are done by different machines that have been very useful to men.

Among all other tools, brush cutter is an important tool that is used to cut or trim small trees, shrubs, grass, etc. There are different blades or cutting heads that can be attached from time to time in order to do the work. It works very fast and can be operated by anyone if once a short manual training is given.

The machine consists of three main parts and these are:

1)  A power unit

This part is held very close to the main body. The power back up is given mainly by the gas engines that have either two or four strokes. There are chords connected to the main power generator box. There are also motors available that are battery generated.

2) A pole

This is the part through which power is transmitted from the generator part to the rest of the body for the work.

3) A rotary cutting head

This is present at the opposite end of a pole. This portion is the main working portion as it is involved in cutting of the tree parts.

There are also shafts being attached in the brush cutter machine, which are of three types. These include Curved shaft, straight shaft and split shaft.

The cutting head of a brush cutter has brush knives, circular saw blades, and grass blades. Different types of heads can be attached depending upon the requirement. The different heads are attached to do different kinds of cutting works. It works after the power button is on and has the capacity to work for more hours.

Another important machine used in the gardening work is a fogging machine or a fogger. This is used to spray chemicals or pesticides to control pests from infection the plants or crops. Now a days, it is used as a good sanitising machine and is a very popular product. The fogging machine uses pressure to create a mist or a fog that is thrown upon the targeted area. There is a manual valve which regulates the density of spray to be used. It can be moderated as per the requirement by the user. The fogging machine can be used to spray 12 metres at a time. It can easily cover the tough areas as can reach any corner, even the penetrable surfaces.

It should be kept in mind that when the work of the fogging machine is on, then precautions should be taken. The chemicals or the pesticides that are used in the machine if inhaled by anyone can be dangerous. So, it is better to keep the area free when the application is on. These machines are used in the food industry, hospitals and for insect control. These days, sanitisation with the foggers has been very popular.

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