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by Nikita Sharma Student
Everyone know about the smoking is injurious to health. Most of the smokers also want to quit this but they can’t because it’s so much addictive. So many agencies are dedicated to quitting smoking campaign.  Many of the younger age child generations and kids are also involved in drugs and smoking.  It’s necessary to quit smoking because its effect slowly and can because of cancer. I think there is not any discussion about the why you quit smoking? Because everyone knows that this is harmful to your health and can because of the serious type of problems. Smoking cessation is difficult but it’s not impossible. If you determined to quit smoking then it’s easy to handle it. Smoking is not good for you but also harmful for your nearby people. Because they are taking it as a passive smoking and it’s also not good for you. Smoking is also not only concern about the feel-good at the short time but this takes the impact on a long time. People take it as for enjoying and good for relax but it is not an accentual condition. They don’t take it seriously as it makes an impact on their body and lungs so badly. Nicotine gives you a short time relaxes from stress and from other extra things. So many govt. planes and NGO are working for to help people to quit from this. 

At the normal time, the act of smoking is making a habit for most of the persons. It may be the response for you to smoke a cigarette with your daily routine like as morning tea, break time, after long working hours and into the lunch break and any more situations. Family members, friends, roommates and other relatives also effect on this habit. To successfully quit smoking, you’ll need to address both the condition of habits and daily routine life from the worst situations. But it can be done. Right strategy and dedication can save you from these worst situations, otherwise, it will more and more harmful for you.

Some of the most common reason to adult smoke is that to stress, loneliness, fear and most common reasons for the feeling. But this is not a right way because unhealthy people can’t feel it well and be healthy is the most important reasons to feel better.  Yoga, exercise and other activities are best options to maintain your health properly. From my suggestion this is most important to quit otherwise it will become a serious health issue for you.

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