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A well-defined jaw line can make a big difference to a person’s facial appearance. However, factors like weight gain, aging and genetics can lead to the accumulation of fat under the chin, the condition commonly referred to as a double chin. Till recently, liposuction was the only solution to address this aesthetic concern. But today, we have an innovative, nonsurgical treatment for submental fat – Kybella. When performed by an plastic surgeon in NYC, this injectable treatment can resolve unwanted fat beneath the chin permanently and result in a youthful, sculpted jawline.

Kybella involves injections of deoxycholic acid which dissolve your double chin. The deoxycholic acid helps in breaking down the submental fat. The needles target the specific areas of fat and thereby improve the jaw line and neckline. The injection dose depends on the size of the area treated. Patients can see a significant change in two to four treatments.

What the Procedure Involves

Before starting the treatment ice packs or local anaesthesia are applied on the targeted area. A typical treatment session takes just 15 to 20 minutes. Pain is minimal and no re-treatment is required. The deoxycholic acid breaks down the membrane of the cells and they are removed from your body through natural process, leaving your face with tighter appearance around the jaw line. For best results, it’s important to administer this treatment with multiple small injections, as this allows for better targeting of the double chin, and ensures that only the fat cells are destroyed. Most patients require multiple treatments provided at least one month apart, for a total of up to six months.

Introduced in 2015, Kybella is a FDA approved treatment for a double chin.  This procedure can be performed on anyone who wishes to reduce their double chin. It is a treatment option for those who want to address fat underneath their chin, but are unwilling to consider more invasive procedures. 

Candidature for Kybella

One of the main advantages of Kybella is that offers a permanent solution for a double chin. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Kybella is not suitable for people with severe skin laxity, poor skin elasticity, excessive fat, prominent neck bands, and those who have neck surgery as the resulting scar tissue can affect the appearance of the region. It is also not recommended for pregnant woman.  

Get Kybella in Manhattan

Performed by skilled surgeons, Kybella in Manhattan comes with advantages such as:

  • A permanent  fat dissolving solution 
  • Minimal invasive procedure with very less pain or discomfort
  • Require very less downtime
  • No need for any bandages or anaesthesia

Treatment by an expert is also important for optimal outcomes as well as patient safety. Training in administering Kybella injections includes guidance on dosage, patient consultation and how to manage patient expectations and side effects, including swelling (

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