Road tripping in Oman: The perfect 5-Trip through Oman

by Rubi Ahsan Associate S.E.O Consultant
Five days, 1600 kilometres Our digital nomad made a surprising road trip through the mountains, valleys and deserts of authentic Oman. “You really need a guide ma'am,” says a white-robed boy with crooked teeth, deflating the tyres of our huge Land Rover before we drive into the Sharqiya Sands desert. “Driving in the desert really dangerous.” He points to our map with marked directions on how to get to the desert camp. "Easy, easy, easy," he says, pointing to several spots. 'Difficult! The sand hills are huge on this bend,” he continues, waving his arms high in the air. “You will definitely get stuck. Let me come as a driver.”

Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman, where you can enjoy swimming.

Although I am tempted to accept his offer, it seems very strong that 1000 Nights Camps – or our travel company - Mountain Valley Holidays – would have said nothing about it. So I say it is not necessary. He looks at me, shaking his head and with fearful eyes. “Trust me, ma'am… you're out of range there and miles from camp.” Shall I take him with me? No, I'm going to try it myself anyway, in hopes of blessing. Or inshallah, as they say here. If God wants it.

Curious dromedaries can be found everywhere in Oman.

I drive into the desert with soft tyres. Slowly the orange sand dunes get higher and higher. Dromedaries walk along the sand hills, their shadows long drawn out by the sun. When I stop and roll down the window, some curious animals poke their heads in. That is perhaps the best thing about this road trip through Oman: the roaming dromedaries! After an hour of cruising through the sand dunes, I arrive at the hills that the gosselaar had pointed out on the map. Kudos to his acting skills. I almost fell for it.

Grazing dromedaries.

Road tripping through Oman is an amazing adventure. One that many tourists do not yet dare to do. Nonsense! Driving yourself is fun and very easy to do. The roads in Oman are excellent, people friendly and the landscapes amazing. From the capital Muscat you can drive a perfect round, where you take everything with you. From Muscat, drive straight into the Al Hajar Mountains, which span the entire northern part of Oman, with grey-brown mountains that rise as you go further inland. Vast plains are marked by traditional Arab country houses in soft colours of orange, yellow and pink. Gardens and plantations full of date palms form green dots in the brownish landscape.


Walking through a mountain village in Wadi Tiwi.

Within a three-hour drive you are in the so-called 'green mountains' of Oman, Jebel Akhdar, where you hike, climb and visit traditional villages. Marvel at gorges that rival the Grand Canyon, with the 3,000-foot peaks of Jebel Shams in the background.

By 4x4 in Wadi Ghul, a valley in the Al Hajar Mountains.

In the huge gorges of the mountain ranges, where riverbeds full of palm trees fill with clear green water when it has rained, you will find oasis-like valleys, or wadis. In some you can enjoy swimming. Leaving the mountains, the route continues along the Sharqiya Sands desert before heading back up the coast of Oman. A beautiful road with the Al Hajar Mountains full of hidden wadis on one side and white sandy beaches and an azure blue sea on the other side. In five days I feel like I've only seen the tip of Oman's veil. I will definitely be back for more!

A lookout point in Jebel Akhdar, which literally means 'the green mountains'.


  • The main roads of Oman are perfectly doable with a normal car, but if you want to go into the mountains or desert, you need a 4x4 to drive off-road. I had a large Land Rover through Zahara Tours. They can also help map out a suitable route.

  • Do you still find driving a bit exciting? Then choose an organised tour or a private driver. This is very common in Oman.

  • Make sure you have downloaded Google maps on your phone beforehand so that it is available offline. The signage often leaves something to be desired and the GPS does not recognise many new roads, so the navigation redirects you.

  • Toilets can be found at most gas stations. You can also often use the toilet in restaurants or shops. Bring your own toilet paper, as there is usually none.

  • When you go driving in the desert, you pre-empty your tyres for a small amount at a gas station. Don't be fooled by men posing as guides/drivers. Unless otherwise specified by the camp, you can easily access it yourself.

  • Be sure to take enough water with you for the journey. Temperatures can be high in Oman and sometimes you won't come across a shop or gas station for a long time.

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