Reasons Why Tree Stump Grinding Services Sydney Are So Important

by Harry Smith Banksia Arborcare Professional Tree Services
Often people are found having this misconception that their task is over after removing trees Sydney and there are no requirements of availing tree grinding services Sydney. However, experts say that this is totally a wrong thing and stump grinding is actually much more important than getting a structure removed. Some people don’t understand this and this is why we have come up with this post that discusses the top reasons behind these grinding services.

Stumps are a trip hazards
  • These stumps that continue to be there after the structure has been removed are a great safety hazard in your backyard, especially if kids love to play in that area.
  • In the presence of these stumps, it is just a matter of one bad moment that a kid would trip over the stump and sustain serious injuries.
  • Not just the kids, adults too are under the risk of tipping over these stumps in case, they are unaware of their presence in the backyard.
  • In these cases, you may even find yourself liable for their medical bills as the insurance company might refuse the claim and prove that it was your mistake solely.
  • Keeping these risks in mind, it can be said without any doubt that these remains are risky and should be removed immediately using tree stump grinding services Sydney.

They often harbor pests
  • According to those offering tree lopping services Sydney, one more major drawback of not getting the stump removed is that the pests are attracted big time.
  • The reason is that the moisture content is really high in the stump and in most cases it starts decaying or rotting and thus, pests get attracted towards them really easily.
  • It has been observed that many animals use them as oases between separated habitat patches.
  • This helps them to spread to other habitable places, such as your home and the most common pest is the termites.
  • Yes, termites love wood and stump is a one good piece of moisture-laden wood, where these pests can survive for a number of weeks before starting to march towards your indoors.
  • Remember that although they may be initially attracted to the bounty of wood cells in the stump, they can easily spread out and start chewing on the wood timbers in your home.

They can encourage the proliferation of fungi
  • Just like the pests, experts say that these stumps can also encourage the development of fungi in the lawn that is not good sign for healthy trees.
  • They can facilitate decaying of not just the remaining stump that attracts pests, but also the healthy structures around the lawn.
  • This is why tree stump grinding services Sydney are important as these stumps provide a feast for these fungi, and they are often colonized by a variety of different species.
  • According to those offering tree services Sydney like tree lopping services Sydney, etc., development of fungus infection in healthy trees is not a good sign and thus, they should be stopped with the help of tree stump grinding services Sydney.

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