QuickBooks Error 404 - How To Remove

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QuickBooks Abort Error 404 - How To Resolve 


QuickBooks is among the most well-known and used software all across the world at present. It is helping millions of people who have, or wish to start, their own businesses by making accounting much easier.

Although many hours of precious time is saved thanks to software applications like QuickBooks, users may encounter certain issues or glitches that may have been caused due to a number of factors. These faults may be technical that arise due to the bugs located in the concerned program or the unavailability of the internet connection. We offer answers to these at our Quickbooks Technical Support Phone number.There is a host of issues that may take place due to this, and one of the many errors that can occur while using QuickBooks or one of its programs is the Error 404.

Error 404, commonly called the abort error, shows up in the form of a dialogue box that says to abort. This happens when:-

1. A user tries to make changes in the company file during an ongoing process. This causes damage to the QBWUSER.ini file and the ‘abort error’ can take place at this point.

2. It can also occur if any of the program files is faulty or the hard drive is corrupt. This often results in sudden termination of the process.

3. Another reason that you are facing this error may be that you haven’t updated your application off late.

4. It may also be possible that the particular antivirus or the OS firewall is causing interference in the processes related to the QuickBooks application in question, forcing it to stop and cause this error.

5. More than one version of QuickBooks on your device or multiple users can also lead to this specific error. By multiple users, we mean that more than one computer hosts the company file.

To know more about QuickBooks errors, call us at the Quickbooks Technical Support Phone number.

So, how would you know if you are having this issue? Given below are some ways to find out-

1.    Your device may seem to crash often and unpredictably.

2.    The program will terminate by itself and this Error message flashes on the screen.

3.    This error is also being noticed to frequently occur on Windows 8 devices.

4.    The device shuts down without showing any errors or related prompts. This may happen due to an unstable internet connection.

 In this article, we will help you determine the reason behind this particular error that you can not seem to resolve. We will also give you a step-by-step guide so that you can fix this issue and even prevent it from occurring in the future.

However, in case you are finding difficulty in understanding any of the steps below or if you require the assistance of any other sort, then you can make the use of our Quickbooks Technical Support Number and get in touch with one of our experts whenever you like.


 Listed below is the solution in the form of some easy steps that can help you out:-

1.    Check if the program hosts multi-user access and discontinue the same by selecting that option in File>Utilities.

2.    For Firewall-related issues, you can modify its settings, on the host and the servers, in order to allow all of your QuickBooks processes to run smoothly.

3.    The multi-user access that had been stopped in step 1 can be resumed after step 2.

4.    Use ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’ to determine if there are any other network issues.

5.    Check for updates for your QuickBooks program and install if any exist. After installation, make sure that the ‘Windows regional settings’ are set to the United States. 

If you are having difficulty in following any of the above steps, then you can enlist the services of our team of experts using our Quickbooks Technical Support Number.

If you are running the app on the Windows platform, then here are a few suggestions:-

1.    Downloading the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool, that is designed specifically for Windows versions of the app, is not only a great help now but will also come handy in the future. Its task is to identify and repair damages in the program.

2.    Restart your device and disable your antivirus. This may fix your issue.

3.    Modify your QBWUSER.ini file by changing its name. Doing this shall remove the previous list of opened files.

4.    Check whether the file you just renamed is visible or not. If it is, then make it invisible. You can locate it like this- Drive\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]. Locate and rename the files by adding .old at the end and then try opening one of the company files. Copy-paste it in a different folder to open.

5.    If that doesn’t work, then you can restore the file that you cannot open, to an earlier point.

 For any further doubts, we are always available at the Quickbooks Technical Support number. Contact us and get your queries solved today!


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