Prevention is Better than Cure

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Before you are coerced by fate into writing a big check that stains your bank account statements, you can undertake some preventive maintenance by way of home repairs in New Jersey for instance. Let's check out some routine maintenance procedures that are commonly ignored by the landlords. Take a look:

Occupancy Checks

There are institutionalized service providers who undertake occupancy checks by monthly drive-by at homes to read meters, take photographs only to ensure that the assets of the landlord are safe & secure without any damage. Such checks can also make you aware of preventive maintenance incase any is needed.

Door Stops

Door Stoppers are inexpensive and can prevent the damage arising from shutting down the doors too hard. The control over the speed with which a door is shut can often be decisive and fateful for the walls that can get decorated by cracks that degrade the visual aesthetics of your home decor depending upon your perceptual set.

Lawn Care & Windows

High maintenance tenants may not always be loyal to your property and maybe messing around with the green grass on your property frontier separating private ownership and the state ownership. Thereby, don't wander around much and get contracted with some decent garden protecting gardeners. As far as windows are concerned, window installation in New Jersey can be expensive and requires all the more care.

Plumbing & Sprinkler Systems

The idea here is to regularly but not obsessively check that the faucets are not leaking because if they are, you'd like to get them repaired by a plumber to prevent any unnecessary water damage. 

Similar is the case for sprinkler systems which can be inspected twice a year by licensed professional personnel.

But beyond these do's and don’ts one can think a little ahead. As one motivational speaker says in his bid to guide us all towards a more status anxious existence, time is more valuable than money for one can get more money but cannot get more time. However, that is a subjective proposition which when rationally tested may find itself cracking down under the burden of its own aphoristic fallacy. For a man may relatively buy more time if he is diseased by using treatment measures that cost money, while one can make an effort to acquire money over an elongated period of time without being able to do so. Both the situations form an anti-thesis to the preceding statement that stands nullified on rational grounds.

Nevertheless, do keep checking your homes, for regular preventive maintenance. Have a preventive day!

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