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Pests are referred generally to the destructive insects or animals which cause loss to the humans. Apart from crops and live stocks, pests have become a nuisance to human beings. Pests are not only confined to these but have also invaded our homes and affect the furniture and carpets.

To control these ants, cockroaches, termites paid pest control services have been introduced. There are a trained and experienced group of people who help in controlling these pests. There are some safety measures also be kept in mind while using the different ways of controlling mechanism which the trained group of people communicates while demonstrating. These services help to minimize and keep the pests in control.

Different kinds of pest control:

There are different kinds of pest control methods that are used. Depending on the pests that are attacking, control measures need to be taken in the right procedure.Controlling the pest in the right way is very important since multiple usages of the controlling mechanism also lead to impact the environment. Thus, knowing the exact and correct way of the controlling measure should be well known. Broadly the pest control can be classified into four major kinds:

1.Biological pest control

2.Chemical pest control

3.Mechanical pest control

4.Natural and Organic Pest Control Methods

Details on the four kinds of pest control:

  1. Biological pest control: biological pest control is done by introducing new pest’s natural predators, pathogens or parasites as microbial insecticides. It is more of introducing one organism to control another and is mainly practised in very large farms and food production facilities. For example, the common silverfish pest that is present generally in almost every home. These are removed by another organism like spiders. However, the silverfish would not be present and controlled but spiders will be the new pest. Thus, this biological control at times helps to remove one pest but makes the presence of another. But biological pest control is the environmentally friendly method to be used.
  2. Chemical pest control: These synthetic chemical compound pest control process is the most common way of controlling the pest. This extremely popular kind of pest control is mostly used in the residential complexes and industries. This procedure involved the usage of chemicals and sprays to control the pests. The pest control team demonstrates safety rules and regulations of using the same. So as long as we adhere to the rules and safety procedures, it is not dangerous to the family members or the pets around us.
  3. Mechanical pest control: This process includes controlling the pest mechanically. That is by directly killing or removing the pest by ourselves and without the use of any harmful chemicals or substances. Mechanical pest control is mainly popular in the small kitchen gardens or flower gardens. Certain species of insects, birds and likewise can be controlled in a better way by mechanically since it is hard to find their nest as it is mostly out of reach.
  4. Natural and Organic Pest Control Methods: these are healthier options that can be used a way to control the pests. This method is derived from plants and extracts from natural and is mostly like pesticides. However, since it is the form of natural and organic way of controlling, it is very environment-friendly and has the negligible impact on nature.

However, apart from these four major ways of controlling the pest, there are many other ways which can be used to control the pest. One of this way is by using the electromagnetic gadgets to control the pests. The electromagnetic radiations attack the nervous system of the pests like mice, ants and some of the other species also. Another way of controlling is the control by using ultrasonic rays.

They emit high-frequency sound waves and kills the pests which are in near proximity to the gadget used. In some parts of the world, specific species of birds such as pigeon or seagull are even considered as the pest since they cause the structural damage disease. They can only be caught netted or deterred.

Few of the popular ways of controlling these is by using bird-scaring devices, traps, bird netting or by using spikes. There are trained bird exterminators people also for the same. 

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