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Parallax (Parallax, Greek. Alternation ) is the change in the apparent position of an object relative to a distant background, depending on the location of the observer. Primary this term was used for natural phenomena, in astronomy and geodesy. For example, such a displacement of the sun relative to the pillar with reflection in the water is parallax in nature.

In web design, parallax effect or parallax scrolling is a special technique when the background image moves more slowly in perspective than the foreground elements. This technology is being used more and more often, as it looks really impressive and cool.

This effect of three-dimensional space is achieved with the help of several layers that overlap each other and move at different speeds when scrolling. With this technology, you can create not only an artificial three-dimensional effect, you can apply it to icons, images and other elements of the page.

Disadvantages of the parallax effect

The main disadvantage of parallax is a problem with the performance of the site. Everything looks beautiful and stylish, but the use of javascript / jQuery , with the help of which the parallax effect is created, greatly weights the page and greatly reduces the speed of its loading. This is because it is based on complex calculations: javascript has to control the position of each pixel on the screen. In some cases, the situation is complicated by cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform problems. Many developers recommend using a parallax effect as applied to a maximum of two page elements.

Alternative solution

With the advent of CSS, the task has become a bit simpler. With it, you can create a very similar effect, which will be much more economical in terms of resource costs. The bottom line is that the content of the site is placed on one page, and navigating through the sub-pages is done using the CSS transition method . This is the same parallax, but with some difference: the fact is that it is impossible to achieve that the movement was carried out at different speeds using only CSS. In addition, this standard is not supported by all modern browsers. Therefore, there are some difficulties.

The parallax effect, although popular, is far from everyone rushing to use it when creating an eCommerce site leadconcept(.)com/custom-ecommerce-website-development.html due to the above-mentioned problems. Apparently, while it just takes time for technology to overcome the difficulties encountered. In the meantime, this option can be used on one-page websites : this way it will definitely be remembered and will be able to keep the user.

Parallax on javascript
jQuery- effect parallax scrolling - a plugin that binds the effect of parallax to the movement of the mouse wheel
Scrolldeck - a plugin to create a parallax effect
jParallax - turns page elements into absolutely positioned layers moving in accordance with the mouse

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