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There was a lot of disadvantages and limitations of aerial photography such as lack of contrasting color and tone and marginal, comparatively hard to interpret than a map and others, and few innovative came with drone video services. are one of dominating and dependable service in the USA which are deserving your assurance and spend.

What is

The dedicated service for sensational Drone Video who make it accessible for all is The first and best drone video service serving the whole USA with a nationwide interface particularize/specify for Filming stunning Drone Videos & Aerial photographing for any company. Drone has recently done an extraordinary job in Its sphere. It's fantastic with some remarkable quality and features and facilities. Along with operating drone by a highly qualified operator and team member, the CEO of DroneVideo checks every project's quality manually to ensure the customer's satisfaction and quality service.

Another great job it has done by making drones affordable to everyone, from small businesses to giant ones. It has passed a background check and is safe and trustful for at least 1 Million dollars in liability insurance. It is also approved by the FAA to fly the drone for commercial drone work.


What services do they provide? gives you a complete package of your project, including High-Resolution Ground and Aerial Photography of your object, professional editing 4k Drone Video with a fully rotatable visual inspection, and 3D modeling feature. They have multiple packages decorated with your business variety. It gives you copyright content that you can use as an owner with customizable landing page templets, which is very easy and fast to share in social media and SEO optimized.

Let's have a glance at the explanation of the packages:


The commercial Package gives you 15 ground and aerial photos with free twilight photo and sky replacement included for your office, industries, and retail business. For your single property and surroundings, you can accept 1.00 to 1.30 minute 4 k DroneVideo and 2.00 to 2.30 minutes, respectively.

As well as increasing your demand, you can change more crucial combinations continuously with more well advantages. A shareable SEO optimized landing page is also for you with HI-resolution format, color correction, and editing.


From 10 to 40 aerial and ground photos and from 1.00 up to 4.00 minutes 4k professional editing Drone Video for residential home and the land is a fantastic package. It also provides you the SEO optimized landing page for Content that is easy and fast for sharing.


They have 2.00 minutes 4K UltraHD Video and 15 Hi-Resolution images with the standard content page with other packages for your worksite. Publish your Worksite Progress Updates by UltraHD Drone Video.

From 10 to 30 pictures with video for your Aerial Roof Inspections and on Golf Course Drone Package, it has the highest 18 holes for 20.00 minutes video and 200 images for Hole & Clubhouse Showcases. All of the package content High-Resolution Aerial and ground photo and 4k Ultra HD Drone Video and Edited professionally with a Landing page. For an alternative, try golf course aerial photography provided by Golf Drone USA.

What locations does the company serve?

Firstly starts their service in the majority states of the United States, but by improving and expanding their services and demand, they have become a dominating and fast-growing service throughout the US. All United cities and 50 states, DroneVideo, provide their services. You don't have to go to or near the location of your project. There is no fee or charge to visit your location.

How to buy their services and what to expect?

Making a schedule at is so easy and straightforward. All you need to is visit their Order now page. You need to select a service from the category. The second step will show you all the packages and features of the service that you will achieve from them. You can also view a sample of's project and have an idea from it. After Clicking Order, now the information submission page will appear to you. You need to give the information like Location, Street address, and other's address. Select your drone shoot to start time and date and additional information. Are there any particular features or property that you want from them to focus on. in this section, your direction will directly go to the drone operators. While filling this info, you may notice that the weather of your selecting location is shown and also seven days forecasting. It will help you also to select a better time. You should log in or sign up in the next step if you are for the first time here. It will help you to access the website dashboard, features, and services too.

That's awesome! Now pay but keep in mind that doesn't have any hidden or extra charge. Using a Credit card and Paypal, you can complete payment the order summary will show to you.

Congratulation! You are going to get the high-resolution calm snapshotting, 4k Ultra HD drone videos, Color improvement, professional & expert editing video, Content with copyright, and well SEO optimized shareable landing page by fast and easy online ordering.

What are the benefits of buying their services?

In this section, you will grasp the most satisfying words about that you can rely on and trust them, and these affordable video packages will present your business in the best ways ever.

·     Easy to Schedule and navigate

It doesn't matter whatever your projects, plans, or event you can order and schedule it online. It will highest to 2 minutes and set up at an automated scheduling system.

·     Complete Package with the same and reasonable price

There are no upsells and hidden charges and the Package included color correction and professional video editing without any extra charge and free sky replacement. What you will see on the website while ordering is what you need to pay. You have a 100% Money back guarantee for the Order. That's the reason you don't need to worry about it at all.

·     They are dependable

You don't need to present in the event place and don't need to go there. There is an option to guide everything online to ensure a better explanation of your project to them. The leading drone operator will work according to the specific guidance and instruction are given by you. Even you don't need any single technical or professional knowledge and experience on aerial or flying photography.

·     Licensed Operators is the first nationwide network in the USA, which has licensed drone video operators. The cost of its service is undoubtedly low and affordable for any business.

·     Safe & Approved has liability insurance for company and customer safety. Federal Aviation Administration has approved to fly drones commercially.

·     Latest and Creative service presents a completely rotatable visible inspection and 3D model of the objects. For your Building, Home, Cell Tower, bridge, and another property, drone service with a 3D model and high-quality video service is necessary to increase brand value.

·     Landing page & Content

How marvelous it will be when there will be the most suitable and describing photos and videos of your business in the well SEO-friendly webpage. You also have Content, and you will choose it with 100% copyright ownership.

·     Special and devoted manpower

The operators of are fully vetted and insured, also approved by the FAA. They are specialized in the exterior ground, aerial photography, and drone video.

·     Multiple steps review and final selection

After accepting your video or photo, you will be wondering to see how you can impress your client and possible client, and it will extend beyond your expectation. The images and video quality will come out better than you imagine.

·     Support team

They have an excellent support team with full professionalism and work responsibly and efficiently. They are affordable and reliable also. You will get quality output each season.

·     They will explore your best one. constantly proffers you the best expression of your properties and in the best way possible. All of their clients are acknowledging that it will remain to utilize their outstanding services. It always captured the exact things that you are looking for to highlight your property.

Who should use their services?

The drone video and aerial photography can create a desire in consumers' thoughts about your product or service. So if you were deeming it only for a particular business, you are not right. Suppose you are a real estate agency, then it's a better way to present your residential and commercial listing in a new and unique dramatic way. This service is perfectly suitable and effectively proven for filming retail, office-building, high-rise building, shopping malls, industrial and residential businesses.

What are a few cons of their service?

There are a few cons of drone video services.

·     Shorter Flying Times

Some of the drones can't fly a long time of amount due to the battery change problem. It needs to change battery within 10-15 minutes. This kills a massive amount of time.

·     Altitude Constraints

According to FAA regulation, drones can fly only 400 feet above the ground. As well as changing the battery, it's also a problem of drones. While we need a video to photos from a significantly higher perspective, it may be impossible from drones.

·     Drones are affected by weather easily.

·     Collisions with monuments, structures, or buildings

After all, made a revolutionary drone technology more comfortable, accessible, and affordable to everyone. For more reviews click HERE and HERE.

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