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by Nguyen Loi Dich vu chuyen nha

Moving or rearranging furniture is a hard job for every person or family. One of these difficulties of moving furniture from one space to another space and transferring large wooden furniture out of a building or into a new apartment. Doors, corridors and other narrow spaces can interfere with movers. Some common tactics and strategies can help professionals move houses and families disassemble wooden furniture when preparing to move. Following a few basic steps of NguyenloiMoving will allow those responsible for transport to plan a thorough manner and help make things go smoothly.


1. Use the right tools. Removing wooden utensils usually requires some standard equipment. A Philips flat head screwdriver or screwdriver, size to fit small screws. In addition, the new furniture requires a small hexagonal flag, where a set of small metal nut pendants can help you.

 2. Consider whether you need to disassemble furniture so that they can penetrate the tight spaces.

- Some industry initiatives show that the three pieces of furniture that need to be disassembled are the desk, TV shelf and sofa. Look at those huge assembled furniture and other things like beds, wardrobes, cupboards, to find out which one needs reinforcement to get out of the house.

- Investigate all furniture for cleaning. Thorough evaluation of all large furniture and equipment will ensure that all of them do not interfere with truck loading.

- Assess your surroundings. In some places it is difficult to move furniture out. For example, moving out of an apartment in New York City is more difficult than moving out of a house in the middle of the suburbs. Take a look at all the obstacles in the house that can interfere with the furniture to find out how to move them.

3. Look carefully at the furniture for the removal of the latch. In many cases, it is easy to see where the foot of a sofa, bookcase or similar furniture loses screws or is separated. For example, with some furniture with removable handles covered by fabric, finding the knobs is really difficult.

4. Detach furniture with tools. It is necessary to have two or more people in case some pieces of furniture fall to the floor and are damaged.

Keep the hardware attached to the furniture. The screws may get lost during transport. In case of that, keep them all in plastic bags or other containers, or simply stick them on the outside or inside of the furniture.


Consult with someone who specializes in transporting furniture. Some professional transporters are called "furniture surgeons," who can help us find the means to ingeniously turn a piece of furniture into a house with some magic. Those people know the tricks and they often have to deal with a particularly difficult shipping situation.

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