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United Kingdom provides its users with a wide range of network operators. But, from among the mobile networks available the four major ones are – EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone. Along with these, there are a few more network operators that are a part of the system like Tesco and Talk Mobile and so on. Taking the reference of a survey conducted by Open Signal, EE was voted to be the best of all these networks with regards to the speed of the 4G download speed that it gives. All the four major networks are working on the 4G spectrum already. In this league of 4G mobile data speed the download speed for EE is a remarkable 28.99 Mbps and is being followed by 3 at 22.31 Mbps and Vodafone at 18.94 Mbps. The slowest in the league has been O2 with 15.06 Mbps, which is still a considerable speed.

There are many other network providers like Talk Talk, PlusNet, BT, Virgin Media, Sky and so on. In another survey conducted in the UK the rates of complaints coming for the services of each network provider were monitored. The statistics were something like Talk Talk had the highest rate for complaints for the fluctuation in the mobile phone network speed which actually is a very important parameter when it comes to judging a network provider’s efficiency. Sky showed the least fluctuation in this case and the second to perform the best or to provide a stable network is EE, the league winner of the 4G download speed survey. Virgin media, which is known well across the globe has also performed fairly in the survey.

These four country wide running network operators have already established a foothold in their service provision. Three of these four operators have already reached the 80% mark in their expansion journey with EE at 86.8%, 02 at 83.4% and Vodafone at 79.5%. EE has topped the charts again when it comes to OpenSignal categories, winning in a good number of categories namely, 4G speed, 3G speed, overall speed and 4G availability. This remarkable win can be attributed to the great speed and associated stability. The service given by the network provider has set a good example of growth, which has rendered it high acceptability and has also won people’s favour the most.

Speaking specifically about the LTE speeds in UK, then it seems to have saturated at 1.2 Mbps while the availability of LTE in large number has owed to an overall good performance. The overall performance has seen EE as the leader but as per various surveys, EE has succeeded in making a mark even on the regional basis. The population has clearly favoured EE for overall speed as well as specifically for 4G speed. When it comes to latency, Vodafone seems to have entered the charts in several regions as well but in case of availability again, EE dominates the rest. So, before selecting the network provider for yourself, don’t only verify it on the national scale but also in the regional scale to get the most out of your deals because with us any deal that has been made, is made only to cherish.

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