Mobile Application Security – Need Of The Hour For All Phone Users

by Sushil Yadav SEO

Nowadays mobile devices are highly preferred by the people in comparison to laptops and computers. The main reason behind this concept is that such devices are very easy to carry and can perform each of the function which desktops can. So, such devices have added a lot of conveniences to be the daily life of the users. According to a survey, more than 60% of people spend 50% time on mobile devices nowadays. Each task which includes checking emails, messaging, online shopping, undertaking various kinds of bank transactions is now being done on mobile devices.


Because of the presence of such applications the businesses can have access to a lot of important information of the users which very well highlights the importance of  application security. The business houses can have access to the most important information of the consumers which they can treat as meaningful metrics so that they can make various decisions to improve their services. But in case such information goes into the wrong hands then it can prove to be very much harmful to all the users.


The concept of mobile application security is referred to as a way to secure all the applications from external kinds of threats which include the malware and other kinds of frauds. So, because of such things personal and financial information of the users is always at risk. The concept of mobile application security is very much important in today’s world. Any of the breaches in this concept of mobile security will give hackers complete access to the personal information of the users which include the location as well which can be miss-used for a variety of purposes.


Following are some of the points that help in highlighting the impact of weak mobile application security:


 A lot of consumers are dependent upon various kinds of organizations and they have complete trust in them. The organizations must also make sure to incorporate various kinds of application security measures before making these things available to the consumers.


 – Approximately more than 50% of companies have no budget for mobile application security.

 -More than 40% of the companies do not scan their code into their mobile applications which can pose to be a great threat.

 –There were many cases of cyber-attacks because of which the consumers have lost their most important information.

 –more than 33% of the companies never test their applications to ensure if they are secure or not.

 -On an average basis, a company that incorporates various kinds of tests also does this kind of test for half of the applications which they make in a complete year.


 The unethical hackers have access to the following types of information from the mobile applications of the users:


 -The consumer-related information: All the hackers can gain various kinds of login credentials of any kind of website or devices which includes the banking and social networking websites and many more. There is a kind of Trojan which can enter the devices of the users when they download various kinds of compromise applications. Once the whole device will be affected that Trojan will be forcing it to send various kinds of messages to have access to all kinds of contact lists and will also request permission to other people about the location. It will also help in determining the IP address of the mobile connection which will provide the person access to the personal files on the mobile device.


 -The financial information of the users: Because of this thing the hackers can also have proper access to the debit and credit card numbers so that they can make various kinds of bank transactions especially in all those cases where OTP is not required. According to research, there is a new version of banking Trojan that can be very much successfully implemented by the hackers to steal all kinds of credentials and information related to the credit card of the users to make unauthorized transactions. It will also provide full control to the hackers about the SMS feature of the devices so that various kinds of banking functions can be manipulated.


 – The cases of IP related theft: A lot of hackers can also gain the code base of the applications so that they can illegally create various kinds of clones and can also steal the intellectual property of the companies who are owning a particular kind of application. More successful the applications are more number of clones will be there which helps the people to attract themselves on the play store. The concept of cloning has received a lot of popularity for many years and is a very common practice incorporated by hackers.


 -The cases of revenue loss: Sometimes because of such things that people can also have access to premium features of various applications. This practice is very much common in the gaming and utility-related applications which are a great source of revenue for the owner of the app. Any access to such features will help in providing a huge revenue loss to the company which can cause ultimately a huge loss to the owners as well.


 -The brand confidence element: Apart from the loss of most important data of the users if the data is miss-used then it can also lead to various kinds of lawsuits from the parties which are affected by such things. In case a particular company or application is true in its efforts then the consumers will always stay loyal to it and will always trust the brand. But such negative things can shake the confidence of the consumers forever. So, the company should realize that the centre of the business lies in the confidence of the consumers in the whole brand. So, the app development should rightly consider some best kinds of policies so that it can positively impact the whole business.


 Hence, the app developers should create various kinds of applications that help in satisfying the needs of the users and also provide their focus on the security aspect as well so that most important information of the users is always protected.


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