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If you're looking for Microservices Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are a lot of opportunities for many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Average Salary for Microservices Engineer is approximately $85,500 PA. So, You still have an opportunity to move ahead in your career in Microservices. Mindmajix offers Advanced Microservices Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Microservices Engineer.

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Q1) What is Spring Cloud in the realm of Microservices?

It is that kind of a feature in the realm of Microservices which would provide integration with the outside systems. It is also known as a short-lived Microservices framework that has the ability to build applications in a quick fashion. Moreover, it plays an important function in Microservices as it is associated with finite amounts of processing of data.

Q2) Shed light on the architecture of Microservices

It is that kind of an architecture that facilitates the avoidance of huge application implementation for a large system. It is associated with the providence of loose coupling that takes place between various collaborating procedures. On the other side, it has the ability to run in an independent manner under various types of situations.

Q3) Describe the way in which you can set up service discovery

Although a large number of ways are there in setting up service discovery, you have to use Eureka created by Netflix. This is usually a very hassle-free process that is not heavy on the application. Also, it can suit a variety of applications which is quite good.

Q4) What do you mean by Eureka in the realm of Microservices?

Eureka is also known as the Netflix Service Discovery Server. This uses Spring Cloud and is most often known as the most used setup to start service discovery. It is also not that heavy on the application development process. This is the reason that it is quite popular among the developers of today.

Q5) Shed light on the ways by which you can access a RESTful Microservices

These are the following ways with the help of which you can use a RESTful Microservice.

  • With the use of the load balanced rest template
  • With the use of multiple Microservices, you can easily use a RESTful template
  • If you have been given a large number of RESTful templates, then always make sure that you use the right one

Q6) Describe the process by which you can balance the server-side load by utilizing Spring Cloud

It is interesting to note that the balancing act in case of achieving server-side load can be achieved by the utilization of Netflix Zuul. The Zuul is also known as a JVM based router. It is also regarded as a load balancer by Netflix. This is the reason that it always facilitates a single entity to the system.

Q7) Can you integrate Zuul with other types of projects?

Yes, Zuul can be integrated with other types of Netflix services that are known as Hystrix. It is especially meant for tolerance of various types of faults that are commonly present in Eureka. By tolerating various kinds of faults, service discovery can be made easier within the realm of Microservices. One can also use it to manage routing tables and effective balancing of the load across the system.

Q8) Shed light on the basic need of Microservices in today’s context of application development

Microservices are also known as a new pattern in the realm of software development. It has assumed importance owing to the fact that it has the ability to increase speed and efficiency. It can also manage software solutions in an effective manner. Some also call it as an approach to process and culture which delivers business value in an increased manner. In today’s context of application development, it plays a very crucial role as it can be deployed in the development process of a monolithic application in an efficient manner.

Q9) Describe the circumstances under which you would use the Netflix Hystrix

It is a commonly accepted fact that Hystrix is also known as an error tolerance and latency library. The main purpose of Hystrix is to make sure that it isolates the access points. On the other hand, with the help of these access points, the remote systems can be easily reached. It also makes sure that it restricts the widespread use of 3rd party libraries as well as services. In this manner, it ensures that an application runs in an efficient manner. It is also quite effective in prohibiting the failure that frequently takes place in distributed systems that are quite complex in nature.

Q10) Define the process by which you can easily deploy Spring Batch Tasks with reference to Microservices

The task related to Spring Batch is also known as a simple interface that has just one method to execute. With the help of this feature, you can easily perform singular tasks that relate to deleting and file queries. An example of Spring Batch in the Microservices segment can be in the form of Hello World.

Q11) Shed light on Tasklet with reference to Spring Batch and Microservices

It is important to note that Spring Batch easily provides a Tasklet interface with the help of which the application can perform a single task. It can also clean and delete the various types of resources that are needed before the final execution step.

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