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If you are reading this and need to know if WhatsApp can be hacked without having access to the phone, you should relax and continue reading because all the answers you need are carefully explained in this article, now let’s discuss possible ways by which Whatsapp Messaging App can be hacked.

Many people today search the internet daily trying to find a reliable way to hack WhatsApp without touching the victim’s phone and without the victim suspecting that they are being monitored, however, not all these search can yield good result, a simple search on the internet may not be completely helpful because there are several apps online that claim to have the capability to hack WhatsApp account but never truly work.

Therefore, a tested and trusted method is needed to hack WhatsApp account so the victim wouldn’t find out; this article is aimed at revealing some of the best ways to achieve that.

Like any other Messaging app, there is also some vulnerability with WhatsApp which hackers are taking advantage of. Hackers are aware of how to hack their target’s WhatsApp messages. They employ advanced hacking techniques and tools to access the account of their target and use it for their benefit, hackers cleverly steal their target personal data, chats, and media files. Whatsapp and other messaging apps use security measures, such as an end to end encryption, to protect the information of their users and to give them full protection. Yet their account can still be hacked.

WhatsApp’s end to end encryption mechanism has significant flaws. This makes it possible for hackers to gain access to anyone’s account without having their detail. A hacker can use a fake MIME by sending an image to a WhatsApp user through an HTML file. The moment that person opens such an image, his account is completely hacked. From that moment the hacker has full control of his account; the hacker can now share pictures, videos, contacts with from the target WhatsApp account, and also post them online. Hackers may send messages from the victim phone to anyone, and can even go as far as hacking the account of the victim’s friends.

Here are some of the techniques that can be used to hack WhatsApp-

MAC spoofing

Address Media Access Control (MAC) can help you hack WhatsApp messages. It is a special, 12-character identifier. Your WI-FI system is allocated MAC address to its network adapter. MAC addresses can help identify the victim’s cell phone that is on the local network. To access the victim’s cell, the MAC address is important; therefore, you must know how to use connect to his/her accounts. Here are ways to hack MAC’s.

The first step is to uninstall the WhatsApp account — the user has to uninstall his WhatsApp from his/her mobile phone, you can get it installed back after hacking WhatsApp.

Make you get the victim’s phone — you need to try getting the target phone here anyway. You just need the phone for a few minutes, so make sure the victim doesn’t see you during that time.

Locate the MAC- the address varies and so you have to locate the victim’s device used. You will find the address in the settings; Open the tab “about the phone,” the status to view the MAC address. Then view your own phone Mac address.

Change the MAC — swap the Mac address with the address of the victim’s phone. The phone is now identical to your victim’s phone.

Download spoofing apps — depending on your smartphone; there are several spoofing apps available. Get the one containing your MAC address;

Reinstall WhatsApp — Install the WhatsApp on your smartphone and enter the phone number of your target. You have full access to his phone.

Get code — you will be sent a code during the setup. Get it from the cell of the victim; type it on your WhatsApp, then delete it from the victim’s phone.

Update the MAC-now change the initial mac address; enter your device’s MAC address.

Hack WhatsApp by sending Picture Message

This technique is for people who don’t have access to the phone of the person whose WhatsApp they are trying to hack. You are probably wondering if that’s possible. Yes, it is, you only need to

insert malicious content into a picture file, and get it sent to your victim through WhatsApp. tlluThe victim device will get infected from the moment the person open and he malware will infect the device by allowing full access to the Whatsapp files, thereby allowing you to be able to remotely monitor every activity of the user.

This approach requires good coding skills and is not intended for the novice. Hacking WhatsApp account through picture is a very smart and easy way to access messages and other information from your victim phone through WhatsApp. In a matter of seconds, the WhatsApp account can be compromised using this sophisticated technique.

Hire a Hacker

This approach is almost the most effective and easiest approach to gain access to a victim’s WhatsApp, you do not have to be Tech-savvy if you decided to use this approach. You can hire good hackers on the Dark Web; simply contact a verified hacker to handle all your hack services, these hackers will perform any of the hack services listed below

WhatsApp Hacking, Phone Hacking, e-mail Hacking, Social Media Hacks, and any other hacking services you may require, each of the above-mentioned techniques will perfectly grant you access to the Whatsapp of whoever you may intend to spy on and you have a smart way of monitoring your target remotely without them having any suspicion whatsoever. Need a hacker for hire or want to find out more about WhatsApp hacking, send an email to

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