Laravel vs CakePHP: The Ultimate Battle For The Supremacy

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Are you an owner of a PHP Development Company? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in a company who is providing PHP Development Services to the clients? Then, you must have heard about various PHP frameworks. Two of the most famous frameworks that have emerged as the top contender for the supremacy is Laravel & CakePHP.

If you’re working in an IT industry for a long time, then you must have heard about these two frameworks. In the last decade or so, these frameworks have dominated the world of web development and therefore, nowadays you have seen many Ads on LinkedIn regarding CakePHP Development Company as well as the Laravel Development Company.

Now, all will be thinking that what’s the specialty of these frameworks? Why are they regarded as the future king of web development by the industry experts? In order to answer this question, you need to have the knowledge about both frameworks in-depth. Only after that, you will able to understand these questions. So, let’s understand in detail about both the frameworks.

What is Laravel?

According to Wikipedia, Laravel is an open-source, cross-platform PHP framework which was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Since last 2-3 years, Laravel Web Development has been massive demand in the IT industry and the main reason behind its huge success is its architectural pattern. Laravel framework is based Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern which makes it for the developers to understand it and that’s why we can have rapid development.

In fact, last year Laravel Development Services were regarded as the best in the business by many experts around the globe. Today, Laravel has been recognized as one of the best PHP frameworks by variously reputed regulators across the world. The source code of laravel is hosted on the GitHub and it is licensed under the MIT license regulatory. The framework provides the developers with an expressive and elegant syntax which ease out their lot of work.

Key Features:-

  •     Open-Source Framework
  •     Extremely Light-Weight
  •     Modular Approach
  •     Supports Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  •     Artisan Code Generation
  •     Route Caching
  •     Easy to Set Up and Customize
  •     Facility of Unit-Testing
  •     Automatic Pagination
  •     Migration System for Databases

What is CakePHP?

According to Wikipedia, CakePHP is a cross-platform, open-source web framework developed by Cake Software Foundation in April 2005 with the aim of improving the standards of PHP web applications. In last 5-6 years, CakePHP has really come into its own and therefore there is a massive demand for CakePHP Development Services in the IT industry. CakePHP framework is based on Ruby On Rails and it follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern.

CakePHP framework was written by a Polish programmer named Michal Tatarynowicz with the aim of developing a platform which can help the web developers around the world in rapid development. Today, if you’re working in the IT industry, then you must have seen many ads of organizations saying that we’re looking to Hire CakePHP Developer, isn’t it? The main reason for it is the popularity as well as the demand of the CakePHP framework across the globe.

Key Features:-

  •     User-Friendly Framework
  •     Easy to Use as well as Learn
  •     Facility of CRUD Scaffolding
  •     Most Secure Framework
  •     Conveniently Expandable
  •     Powerful & Flexible Data Validation Process
  •     No Configuration
  •     Ability of Innovation
  •     Based on MVC Architectural Pattern
  •     Facility of Internationalization

Till now, we have discussed the basics of Laravel as well the CakePHP framework. But, the question still remains that Which is the best PHP framework OR Who will take the glittered crown OR Who will win the ultimate showdown. Are you excited about it? Do you want to know? Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to go on a rollercoaster ride as we analyze Laravel vs CakePHP based on its features. So, let the ultimate battle for supremacy begin.

Laravel vs CakePHP:-

[1.] Laravel is a free and open-source web framework while CakePHP is an open-source web framework, but it’s not free of cost.!

[2.] Laravel framework is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture while CakePHP is based on Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller (HMVC) architecture.

[3.] CakePHP framework uses the concepts of document-oriented database model while Laravel framework uses the concepts of the object-oriented database model.

[4.] As far as the ease-of-use is concerned, Laravel frameworks wins the race over the CakePHP framework because Laravel provides the developers with the facility of Artisan.

[5.] Now, in terms of effective documentation, Laravel framework surges little ahead of the CakePHP framework as it provides better documentation for developers.

[6.] As far as the Peer Support goes, you can expect a better Peer Support for the CakePHP framework compared to Laravel frameworks as it has been in the IT field for a long time.

[7.] CakePHP framework is more famous for building smaller projects and blogging websites while Laravel framework is more suitable for large-scale interactive web applications.

[8.] In terms of Pagination, you have to give to the Laravel framework over the CakePHP framework as Laravel provides you all the built-in methods which makes your job much easier.

[9.] As far as the security is concerned, CakePHP framework wins comfortably over the Laravel framework as CakePHP is most secure PHP framework among all that have been released.

[10.] As far as the popularity among developer community is concerned, Laravel Development Services wins comprehensively over the CakePHP Development Services.

[11.] Now, in terms of routing, CakePHP framework wins hands down over the Laravel framework as CakePHP framework has the facility of Reverse Routing, which is great.!

[12.] As far as the rapid development is concerned, Laravel framework wins over the CakePHP framework and that’s why there is a lot of demand of Laravel Development Company.

[13.] If you ask any developer, he/she would love to work with Laravel over CakePHP as in CakePHP you’ve to write tons & tons of code while in Laravel there is artisan code generator.

[14.] As for the scaling is concerned, Laravel frameworks rise above the CakePHP framework and that’s why when it comes to building large applications, Laravel is preferred every time.

[15.] You can always schedule posts in Laravel based web application while in CakePHP based web application, scheduling posts depend on conditions.

[16.] There is a facility of the compiler in the Laravel framework while there no such thing as a compiler in the CakePHP framework.

[17.] As far the backup is concerned, Laravel framework surge ahead of its competitor, CakePHP framework because Laravel provides the advanced facilities for the data backup.

[18.] There is support for CLR (Common Language Runtime) as far as the Laravel framework is concerned but there is no such thing as CLR in the CakePHP framework.

Closing Thoughts…

Time has come for the final verdict for which you all must be waiting very eagerly. Now, if you compare the Laravel with CakePHP based on the various features, you will find that Laravel is way ahead of CakePHP in most of the features. So, my final verdict goes in the favor of Laravel framework and it is going to win the ultimate battle for supremacy, for sure.

I hope you had a great time reading this article and it helps you to get aware of the which is the best framework between Laravel and CakePHP which will help in your future endeavors. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire Laravel Developer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled & professional Laravel developers who will work towards your success. We will help you in crafting a beautiful website for your business according to your requirement.

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