Know About These 7 Types Of Speakers

by Jay Cross IT Manager

The original speakers have seen an evolution like no one else. Without the presence of good-quality speakers, every home theatre, live event, musical concert, or road trip is incomplete. Spice up your life with supreme quality speakers by Lenoxtons-20. The platform has multiple options for you to fulfill your dream of getting the best sound experience. Whether you wanna purchase a smart speaker like the Echo Dot, or a complete home theatre speaker, Lenoxtons-20 has it all for you. But before that, make sure you know about these seven basic types of speakers

1.    Tweeters

The name must have given you an idea about the size of the speaker. Yes, a tweeter is the smallest of all speakers. It is enabled to reproduce the upper limit of the audible frequency range. Normally, a tweeter delivers a sound frequency ranging from 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The size of the speaker isn’t small without reason. To generate high-frequency sounds, the diaphragm of the speaker must vibrate faster, which can happen only in a small speaker. Present-day tweeters have their diaphragms made of polyester films or silk. 

2.    Squawker

Squawkers are also commonly known as mid-range drivers. These are designed to produce sound ranging from 250 to 2000 Hz frequency range. The design of such speakers isn’t too complicated. Typically, the voice coil of the diaphragm is attached to the neck. The cone surround is linked to the diaphragm’s outer side. Until recent times, paper was commonly used for the cones of these speakers. However, as technology evolved, the makers realized that polymers and resins are better than paper in terms of vibrational damping. 

 3.    Soundbars

Before the invention of soundbars, people dreaded placing big speakers in their living rooms as they occupied a lot of space. Soundbars eliminated this problem. They usually come with a sleek design. These look perfect with flat panels like plasma TVs, LEDs, and LCDs. The soundbars are specialized to provide better sound quality than the inbuilt speakers in sets. Interested? Have a look at the speaker options available at Lenoxtons-20. Read the features quickly and make a purchase today.

 4.    Outdoor Speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers are designed to support the sound system in your outdoor gigs. Outdoor speakers can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, and exposure to water. These are different from other speakers in their design and functionality. These come with metal grilles that can protect the speaker cones from environmental threats. Unlike other speakers that come with paper-pulps, these speakers have cones made with polypropylene materials. This enables the speaker to withstand highly humid temperatures.

5.    Woofers

A woofer is nothing but a bass speaker that is specially designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds. Woofers are bulkier and bigger than other drivers. They also have larger magnets than other speakers. The size of the diaphragm and magnet is big because the speaker must get a greater surface and raw electric power to produce low-frequencies. 

6.    Subwoofers

Low frequencies are also important. This is the reason why subwoofers were created. These speakers cater to low frequencies, such as deep bass and sub-bass sounds. Not many speakers cater to this need; thus, a subwoofer can change the game of your overall sound experience. Professional subwoofers can produce frequencies below 100Hz, which is quite impressive. 

7.    Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers are undoubtedly the most common speakers. Even people who aren’t into music can describe what a loudspeaker is. The history of loudspeakers is long, but the present-day loudspeakers have raised the bars. Check out Lenoxtons-20 for your options. The platform never compromises on quality, as it avails its products from sources like Amazon and Walmart. Loudspeakers are still a choice of many when it comes to quality audio reproduction. Moreover, the placement and arrangement of these speakers isn’t very complicated. Earlier, these speakers occupied a lot of space. However, the recent ones are smaller in size and better in quality. What else do you need?

Select the perfect speaker that works best with your needs. Lenoxtons-20 has multiple options for you at the best prices, so you don’t have to worry about your pockets. You can’t test speakers on an online purchase, so make sure you read the elaborative description of the products on the page carefully.

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