Is A Career In Interior Design Right For You?

by Sonam Sid Content Marketer and Writer

Arranging the furniture in your home or your relatives and decorating your house does not mean you can have a successful career in interior designing. The profession is equally interesting and challenging. You need to be someone who has an outstanding creative mind and can also take challenges head-on. This profession does not just demand ideas; it demands problem-solving skills, ability to work under pressure and communication skills or client skills. You are not only required to think out of the box and transform a blank space in a comfortable, beautiful house but also to bring to life your client's ideas. Before you take admission to one for the interior designing schools in Bangalore and become an interior designer Bangalore, here are a few things you should know.

 Designing Skills 

It goes without saying that to become a successful interior designer Bangalore; you need to have designing skills. You will obviously know if you have what it takes to become an interior designer if you frequently receive compliments for the decoration of your home. As an interior designer in Bangalore, you need to have in-depth knowledge in Colors, architectural styles, cabinetry, floor patterning, textiles, space planning, aesthetics, design concept, lighting design, sketching, drawing, 2D and 3d design, signage, etc. You should be knowledgeable about the entire design process. 

Codes And Regulations

 Interior designers are not just responsible for the decoration of the inner quarters of the house. As an interior designer Bangalore, you need to be aware of the construction regulations, codes, guidelines, and safety standards. You not only create a beautiful home or a corporate space; you create a safe space for people to live in or work in. You need to be aware of permits, the electrical layout of the building, fire safety, security system, and indoor air quality as well as energy management. LEED projects require special knowledge on the part of the interior designer. 

Communication Skills 

You need to have excellent people skills to make it in this profession since your job requires you to interact with your clients almost daily, you need to have good communication skills to translate your client's ideas to your team and transform them into reality. Handling clients is not easy; you may have to handle some demanding clients. You may have to handle some clients who are clueless about the design of their home, and during those times you may need to come up with various ideas and make them come around to your design ideas, or the project will never finish. Correctly translating the client's wants and ideas are very important in this profession because you do not want to disappoint your client.

 Stick To A Schedule 

To complete all the projects in time, you need to stick to a proper schedule. This is especially important if you decide to become a freelance interior designer Bangalore. Try your best to stick to a schedule even if you spend countless sleepless nights coming with designs and sketches for your clients. 

Create A Portfolio

 You need to build up your resume before you can start taking on big clients. Big projects will not come you away unless you have gained experience in the field and have somewhat made a name in the field. As it is with every industry, you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. You need to have patience. Work on pro bono projects to acquire the experience and at the same time hones your skills. Working free will help you forget connections, which may prove worthwhile in the future.

 Pay Varies

 Do not expect to have the same pay grade in every company or firm. You will be majorly disappointed. The compensation varies from company to company, and it also depends on your qualification, experience, and the location of your work. You can become a highly paid interior designer if you have years of experience with hundreds of satisfied clients. Getting an advanced degree in your field also increases your pay scale. Going for higher degree allows you to specialize in an area of your choice, which helps you create a niche of your own and be the best at it. The size of your company also matters. If it is a globally renowned company, then you are going to receive a fat paycheck at the end of every month, but if you work for a small furniture company, then you are not going to see the figures in your bank account that you wanted to see.

 It is not only about design

 Although it is the foremost thing, you also need to be technologically advanced. You need to be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, and AUTOCAD. You should also have some knowledge of psychology, ethics, and ergonomics.  

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