Important things you should know about Lithium battery

by Rohit Singh Mora Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have become very popular these days, they are widely used in different things right from cell phones, laptops, vape pens, computers, kid’s toys as well as kid’s vehicles. Li-Ion Battery is well known in the market due to its lightweight, powerful nature and cost-effectiveness. These batteries need to be stored carefully between the temperatures -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. The most common type of rechargeable batteries that you are going to find in consumer electronics is lithium-ion.

Materials used for making lithium-ion battery

There are mainly three important components of the lithium-ion battery: positive and negative electrodes as well as an electrolyte. Li-Ion Battery Manufacturers in Delhi NCR makes use of quality material in manufacturing these batteries. The negative electrode is made up of carbon, positive electrode from metal oxide and the electrolyte is a type of lithium salt which is made from an organic solvent.

You can avail of lithium batteries from Li-Ion Battery Manufacturers at very reasonable prices.

Importance of lithium-ion batteries

These batteries are now used in almost all portable consumer electronics items right from cell phones to laptops due to their immense benefits like high power to weight ratio, high energy efficiency, low self-discharge as well as excellent high-temperature performance. These batteries hold their charge; a lithium-ion battery pack loses only its five percent of charge per month.

These kinds of batteries do not have any side effect which means that you don’t have to discharge them completely before charging. Therefore, it is capable of handling hundreds of discharge and charge cycles.

The Li-Ion Cell Manufacturers in India check these batteries on several standard parameters in order to ensure their best quality and efficient working.

How does lithium-ion battery works?

The electrolyte helps in carrying positively charged lithium-ion from the anode to the cathode and vice versa through the separator. A charge at the positive current collector is created when the movement of lithium ions creates free electrons in the anode. The electrical current is then flown from the current collector through a device being mechanized to the negative current collector. Therefore, the separator works by blocking the flow of electrons inside the battery.

Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

  • It is one of the batteries that weigh less as compared to sized rechargeable batteries.
  • These batteries hold a charge well as it does not lose its charge more than five percent in a month.
  • You can easily recharge these batteries for approximately 300 times.
  • The frequent charge of this battery does not lose its performance. These batteries possess no charge memory, while some of the Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries do. Therefore, these batteries are going to retain the same charge capacity for the entire life of the battery.
  • They are common in consumer electronics and are known for their high open-circuit voltage.

Therefore, the quality which is provided with the Lithium Battery Manufacturers cannot be compared with any other batteries. Today, lithium-ion has evolved as the fastest growing and most promising battery chemistry.

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