Importance of ITSM in SaaS

by Vaishali Gopi Digital Marketer

Importance of ITSM in SaaS

Due to the various challenges that companies face when they use IT services, they had to come up with different ways to improve their services, while still remaining within budget. As a result of this, companies offering IT services adopted Information Technology Service Management or ITSM, to overcome all the challenges.

Even though you can trace the roots of ITSM back to the 1980s, it continues to remain relevant, even today. One of the major reasons why ITSM is important is because it continued to evolve with the requirements of the businesses.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the importance of ITSM in SaaS:

Aligns with the business requirements

Due to the tremendous growth of technology, your business can now get IT services, specialized to perform specific tasks. For instance, imagine your business wants to use different types of services, to secure your sensitive data, which is available on cloud. At the same time, you want to use specific security services, which identifies and fixes different types of cyber risks. Even though there are different types of IT services available, it is challenging to make all these services simultaneously.

However, ITSM is a game changer, as it allows you to align all the services throughout your business. With ITSM, it is necessary for the managers to find out everything about the IT services, such as its functionality and whether it meets the requirements of your company’s strategy. Due to this reason, the IT managers, no longer face the problem of implementing services which don’t align with the goals of the company.

Allows businesses to respond to modern threats appropriately

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS is that your business can store and access its sensitive data on cloud easily. Also, SaaS gives even more benefits when you look from the security perspective. For instance, most of the vendors who provide ITSM will manage your licenses, deploy the necessary updates and patches. Also, they can control the system of your employees from remote locations.

Imagine a situation where one of your employee’s device gets hacked, stolen, or infected. With ITSM, you can prevent that employee’s account from gaining access. Also, you have the freedom of reinstalling the same account in another device, so that your employee can continue to work without any problems. The advantage is that your business no longer has to spend additional resources to rebuild the same device.

Also, through ITSM, your employees can access various applications for your business through their tablets and smartphones. Due to this, they have more flexibility to complete their tasks from any location. At the same time, the users can respond to incidents or potential problems in a quick manner. With ITSM, your team understands the complete nature of the problems, allowing you to ramp up your data security on a regular basis.

Better compliance with regulations

Your IT team faces a lot of burden on a regular basis, as they have to manage large volumes of sensitive data. Also, your IT team has to ensure that they meet all the regulatory guidelines of the industry. Failure to do so has severe consequences for your customers, employees, and business, as it puts everyone at risk.

You never want your company to be on the news for data breach, as it has a huge negative impact on your brand image. ITSM is your savior, as your business can set maximum priority for improving data security by complying to various industry regulations. Thanks to ITSM, you have more control and visibility over all your data management systems and processes. The IT managers can ensure that they follow the right guidelines for data security and management, reducing the risk of suffering from the problems due to non-compliance.

Decreases lifecycle of incidents

You understand the value of time, which is why you want to reduce the lifecycle of incidents as much as possible. When your IT team can identify the various trends and patterns in your incidents, they can come up with effective strategies to prevent them from occurring. Also, the IT team can learn from all their mistakes, allowing them to increase the response speed, after the occurrence of similar incidents. Your business has the advantage of improving the service you provide your customers, allowing you to achieve your goals.

With the help of ITSM, your teams can gather and analyze all the data from incidents, so that they can continue to evolve. Over time, your team can use this data to create metrics, allowing them to come up with innovative solutions. Also, various IT teams will start working together, as it allows them to understand problems at a faster pace.

Digital modernization and transformation is straightforward

As all the customers are going digital, your business has to do the same, to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. If you don’t follow the current trend, there is a huge chance that your business will become obsolete. Consumers want access to your services easily, better scalability, productivity, and security. ITSM is a boon when it comes to digital modernization and transformation, as the right practices can make the entire process smooth.

Improves IT efficiency

There are several times when your business needs the service of third-party vendors for managed, cloud, and other different types of services. The advantage of working with multiple vendors is that you can spread the security risk, making it less demanding for your business.

However, it is a double-edged sword, as you now have to keep track of all these vendors and services, which isn’t an easy task by any means. If you miss out on even the smallest of tasks, there is a very high chance of suffering from an outage. ITSM makes it easy to create a sound strategy so that you can monitor all your services effectively. With ITSM, you can reduce the number of incidents, downtime, and outages considerably.

Scaling up or down becomes easy and quick

ITSM makes it easy and quick for your business to scale your business according to your requirements. For instance, you can select the exact number of subscriptions you want, allowing you to ramp up you processes. At the same time, once the demand goes down, you can cancel those subscriptions, which saves you significant amounts of time, money, and effort.

Upgrades and rollouts become less of a hassle

When you have to upgrade or deploy any software, it is a time-consuming process. With the right ITSM practices, you can schedule the updates and make it automatic, making installation extremely easy. Due to this, your users will be able to use the latest features.

These are the eight reasons which highlight the importance of ITSM in Saas.

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