How to set up a Hookah?

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Smoking shisha is one of the most comfortable leisure activities with friends and family across the globe. The hookah has lesser tobacco than cigarettes and can be smoke casually with friends or at home. The individual can set up a hookah at home with drinks in hand.

We have streamlined the step-by-step guide on how to set up a hookah

Clean the Hookah

Before you start, first clean the hookah with water and a soft brush to remove off the dust and dirt particles. The ensemble all the parts first, and wash everything except the hoses.

The wipe the parts and accessories with a dry cloth before you put the product. It is advisable to clean it every time you use it, as dust or residue inside the vase will create a taste odor when smoking.

How to set up a hookah

Add water into the jar

This is the enormous glass holder at the foundation of the hookah. Fill it enough to cover 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the metal stem, or marginally more. Leaving space for air is imperative to weaken the smoke and make it simple to draw on the hose.

If you have a little hookah, you may just have the option to cover ½ inch of the stem to leave space for air and stay away from splashing the hoses.

The stem is the metal tip at the lower part of the focal hookah shaft. Space the shaft on top of the container to perceive how far down the stem goes.

The water doesn’t sift through nicotine and different synthetic substances close to however much most smokers accept. Adding more water will not make the hookah more secure.

Addition the hookah shaft into the glass base

Lower the shaft into the base, so the stem enters the water. There ought to be a silicone or elastic piece that fits around the highest point of the base to make it sealed shut. If the fit isn’t hermetically sealed, the smoke will be slender and hard to pull.

Interface the hoses

The hoses space into openings on the shaft. Very much like the base, these openings ought to be sealed shut fits. A few hookahs seal the opening in case there is no hose joined. On different models, you’ll need to join every one of the hoses regardless of whether you’re smoking alone.

Twofold check your water levels before associating. When the water levels are too close to your hose associations, the water could demolish your hoses.

Check the flow of smoke

Spot your hand on top of the hookah stem to hinder air from entering the hookah. Attempt to breathe in through a hose. When you can get any air, one of the associations isn’t impermeable. Check them for tight fits and elastic or silicone seals.

If you’re feeling the loss of a seal, firmly wrapped athletic tape can make a brief time, generally impenetrable seal that allows the flow of smoke adequately from shisha.

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