How to Select the Best Table Tennis Net

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Do you know how to find the best table tennis net? If you don’t…well, keep reading on! One of the most popular all-season games nowadays is table tennis. You can play it for fun, professionally in tournaments, or on the street. This game develops a reaction, concentration, dexterity, attention, speed of movement, and much more. It is prophylaxis of problems with joints, locomotor apparatus. It's not surprising that many people want to learn or improve their skills.

The game of table tennis, like any other sport, is made up of certain components. One of the most important components is the equipment. This is directly the table, net, rackets, and balls. Their quality always affects the course and results of the game. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right net for your tennis table. For more information you can check out this article on the best table tennis net reviews.

Tennis table nets are an important part of a two-person ping-pong game. They divide the table into two fields exactly in the middle. The width of the net, as a rule, is equal to the width of the table itself, and the height should be at least 15 cm. The net is included in the set for many models of tables, but it can also be purchased separately. It should be noted that it is often not included with professional table tennis tables.

If we look at the history of the development of table tennis, we will see that the net has undergone the least number of changes. After only one was made of two separate tables for the game in the 17th century, and a table tennis net was pulled in the middle, it remained there. Only its size and material, installation features, fasteners varied.

However, already in the 20th century, when the rules of the game common to all began to be formed, international rules were approved; the height of the table tennis net was reduced from 17 centimeters, which was before, to 15.25 centimeters. The table height for international competitions was also stipulated.

Today it is not difficult to buy a table tennis net with a mount at the best price. There are many options for sale from different manufacturers, quality, cell size, and even color. Besides, you can replace the canvas itself or select the fasteners separately.

Buying a Table Tennis Net: What you should Pay Attention to

All ping-pong equipment is divided into three categories:

·       Amateur

·       semi-professional

·       and professional.

The first thing to consider when buying a net is which table category is it intended for. Each model has its characteristics: dimensions, fasteners, the ability to adjust its height, as well as tension forces. The length of the net is commensurate with the width of the table and is standard 152.5 cm. For mini-versions of tables, the length of the net will be less - 122 cm or 61 cm. For children's models of tables - 43 cm

Professional nets are made of high-quality nylon or cotton, and the construction itself is made of durable metal. Semi-professional models may be inferior in quality to professional materials, but there should also be no problems with them during operation. Amateur models are often used outdoors, so they are made of synthetic, which are most resistant to weather changes. However, there are also nylon options in this category. Plastic parts can be used in construction. Often, the manufacturer designates which tables are recommended to use specific nets.

The fastening system in each category can be clip-on, screw, and push-button. The first is the fixation of the net thanks to special clamps. This is the fastest type of fastener. The screw fastener has a reliable mechanism that allows the net to be fixed in the desired position and to adjust its tension. For tables of a professional level, the net is most often purchased with this type of fastener. The button system, which is attached to the buttons, is convenient and allows you to easily fix the net on the table.

If the net has become unusable, and the fastening mechanism is in excellent condition, you can purchase a net without fixing and install it on the existing fastener. High-quality nets provide reliable fixation regardless of the type of fastener, but the screw is considered the best. Tension regulation is an important point and any good net should provide it. The manufacturers of sports equipment Butterfly, Joola, and Zelart Sport & Legend, produce such nets. Typically, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) certified their products.

The color of the net can be white, green, or blue. It should contrast with the table and be comfortable to the eyes. The entire length of the top of any model, whether amateur or professional, has a white hem. To prolong the life of the tennis table net, it is recommended to release the tension after each game.

Therefore, it's not for nothing that table tennis is so popular today. It makes it possible to have a good time, to move actively, develop many skills, and trains the body. It is recommended for adults, children, and the elderly.

There is no good board game without the right equipment. Nowadays, there are different nets for table tennis. They are white, green, and black, different in material, quality, and type of fasteners. The selection of options is of great importance. Beforehand, you should carefully consider the advice of experts and buy only the table tennis net that suits you in all respects.



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