How To Play Ping Pong For Beginners

by Lisarit Richie Best Choice

Ping Pong For Beginners

Planning to play ping pong?

Do you wish to learn the game?

For all those who are interested in learning ping pong and wish to make a wonderful progress in the game, should start by joining a table tennis. There are many advantages of joining a tennis club. You have the scope of interacting with various players, who are at all different playing levels. In this way, you will have a better exposure and will learn how to play easily.

Start by finding someone who is as new as you. Start learning with great positivity and keep checking your progress periodically. It is a good idea to compete with players who have better ability than you. With patience, perseverance and interest, you will soon learn how to play the game.

Choose The Right Equipment:

If you are a novice, you might need help in buying the right ping pong equipment for your game as table, paddle, balls…Do not always go for the cheaper equipment because cheap might not be good always. Buy the equipment from a reliable company which sells ping pong equipment. With best ping pong paddle and equipments, you will be able to learn the game quickly and do not have to worry about injuries to your health.

Here are some easy tips for beginners on how to play ping pong.

Understanding Spin On Ball:

The most important step in learning the game is by carefully watching the racket of your component. You need to see how it is contact with ball. If you notice that the racket of your opinion is moving from lower to higher position, it means it is topspin. If you notice it is moving from higher o lower, it is back spin. If the racket is moving left to right, it is side spin. In case of right to left it is sidespin. Understanding these positions will help you to learn the game quickly.

Racket Angle:

Here are some easy tips to play the game –

  • In case of topspin – your racket shall be in a face down position. The ball will be in touch just above the center.
  • In case of backspin –your racket shall be in face up position. The ball shall be in touch below the center.
  • In case of right sidespin – The racket shall be in the right. The ball shall be in touch towards the left of the mid-line.
  • In case of sidespin – The racket shall be facing the left. The ball shall be in touch towards the right of the midline.

Players need to understand that once they get a feel for the spin, they should actually stroke this ball.

Shortening the Swing:

Ping pong is the game which is about long swings. If you try a long swing, you will be having one large margin of error. There will be a slow reaction time. This is because of the extended time it needs to get the body and your arm in the position. If you are a beginner, it is best to play the game with a compact swing. This should be on your backhand as well as forehand. This will limit follow through in most of the shots.

Patience Helps:

Beginners in a hurry to learn the game, often indulge in smashing the ball, with every chance they have. The ball hits the net or the table, which causes a loss in point. It is crucial to pick the ball for attack. If you watch professional players, they hit the ball quite softly. This is often backwards and forwards after serve.

To be an all round player, you need to be the one which stays put till the end. Those who play backhand or forehand usually tend to overcompensate. This helps in hitting that stroke but this is usually effective in short term. However, a smart player is one who focuses on the weaknesses. It is always recommended to play your weakness. This might mean a few losses, but it is going to help you in long run.

Last, but not the least, you need to practice under the guidance of an expert. With expert guidance, you will be able to learn small nuisances of the game.

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