How to Migrate Drupal 7 to Drupal 10? A Step by Step Guide to Drupal Website Migration

by IDS Logic Pvt. Ltd. Software Outsourcing Company

Drupal 7 is scheduled to reach its end of life on January 5, 2025, with no further extensions to this deadline, as confirmed by the Drupal Association. If you haven't already, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the risks associated with remaining on Drupal 7 and consider our recommended actions Drupal Website Migration


For those considering a migration to Drupal 10, this is an exciting time, as there are numerous fantastic features awaiting you beyond Drupal 7. Let's delve into what the migration process entails. While each migration project is distinct, you can typically break it down into the following steps.


Reviewing Drupal 7 Website

When you choose to migrate to Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, you must have some prior information on the same. Moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 is a significant undertaking, presenting an opportunity to plan your site's future and evaluate its structure, content, functionality, and design.

To begin Drupal website migration process, consider the following questions:


Ø What are your goals for Drupal 10? Envision how you will use its features to improve and expand your digital presence. Setting up a sandbox environment can help you experiment with these features

Ø Is the current structure effective? Consider ways to enhance the information architecture for improved site navigation

Ø What needs to be transferred? Assess whether all current functionality and content are necessary. It may be beneficial to optimize or rewrite content. Creating a data transfer table (DTT) can help map old and new content structures, reducing the risk of data loss

Ø Does the design require updating? Look for opportunities to refresh the site's appearance and align it with your brand

Ø Is your code up to date? Use this opportunity to review custom code and ensure it complies with best practices and modern standards

Ø How complex is the task? Complex, multilingual, and content-rich sites often require more resources and expertise

If you need assistance, consider seeking a site audit, digital strategy, redesign, or migration support from a trusted partner like Evolving Web. As a Drupal Signature Supporting Partner with over 16 years of experience, they can help you navigate this transition confidently.

Ensuring Modules Availability

Are you currently utilising contributed modules to expand the functionality of your Drupal 7 site? If so, it's important to verify their compatibility with Drupal 10 or find suitable alternatives before proceeding with the migration.

You can check compatibility manually by reviewing each module's page on or by using tools like the Upgrade Status module.

Even if your current modules are compatible with Drupal 10, it's beneficial to explore alternative solutions, as the Drupal community may have developed more effective options. If you find a module lacking a suitable alternative, consider enlisting a development company to port the module to Drupal 10.

Additionally, explore new modules available for Drupal migration. Look for modules of Drupal 10 that were not accessible in Drupal 7. For instance, investigate these five modules that enhance CKEditor 5, the default WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 10.

Developing Drupal 10 Website

To begin the Drupal migration, you must create a new website using the latest version available, which is Drupal 10.1 as of now.

Afterwards, install the modules you've chosen in the previous step. Keep in mind that the installation process differs between Drupal 10 and Drupal 7.

Next, configure your content structures, including blocks, content types, media types, webforms, and menus. Consider utilizing Layout Builder, a core module since Drupal 8.5 that supersedes the Panels module. Layout Builder offers robust drag-and-drop functionality, simplifying the creation of visually appealing and flexible pages.

Code Update

Whenever possible, utilize existing contributed modules to minimize the necessity for custom code. Note that any custom themes will need to be rebuilt entirely. Refer to our guide on employing a Single Directory Components approach to theming.

Adhere to best practices and contemporary coding standards. Keep in mind that Drupal 10 mandates at least PHP 8.1 and features updated database requirements. Consult our guide on porting CKEditor plugins to Drupal 10.

Integrate your custom modules and themes into your Drupal 10 website.

Data Migration

If your website has a limited amount of content, manual migration from the old site to the new one may be feasible. However, for larger amounts of content, automation is likely more practical.

For automated Drupal website migration, the Migrate API is a powerful tool for transferring content and configurations. It's important to understand its limitations and have a strategy in place for managing them. For instance, you may need to recreate views using the views migration module. Additional modules that can assist with migration include Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools, and Migrate Scanner.

Testing New Website

Thoroughly test and quality assure your new website to guarantee its security, performance, and accessibility across different devices. Verify that all content and data have been migrated accurately. Once these checks are complete, seek approval from the relevant stakeholders.

Website Launch

Inform your audience about the upcoming change, highlighting the benefits of the new Drupal 10 website.

Update your site's DNS settings to direct traffic to the new Drupal 10 website. Ensure that any previous redirects or custom URLs are re-implemented, and monitor logs for any 404 errors or other warnings.

Secure your old Drupal 7 site by restricting access to the public. Consider creating a static copy and a backup for future reference.

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