How to Interlink Blog Posts?

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Interlinking is an art and knowing how to interlink blog posts skillfully is what the search engines admire the most! Suppose you own a website/blog with a number of posts. Anytime gaped, what happens to the posts you have posted a while ago, sometimes a year or so? I can bet, you haven’t! So, this is where and why you are lingering behind others in the business. Interlinking is what is commonly practiced by bloggers in order to keep their old posts accessible to the new readers by providing an internal link of an older post on the latest post. That is, suppose I own a post on ‘how to start a blog' and my latest post is about ‘how to make money from the blog'. So, for the latter one, one should first, have a running blog and then only, he/she can make something out of it. So, those who are reading my latest post can also scan my older post on ‘how to start a blog'. And for the utter convenience of the readers, I will place an Internal Link of that blog on how to make money from blog. In this way, I will earn traffic and views on both posts at the same time. So, this is Interlinking. Now, to effectively link one post to another, follow my below-mentioned guidelines to comprehend How to Interlink Your Blog properly.

1.      If you’re using WordPress, then make the use of its in-built interlinking plugins. But I would suggest that perform interlinking manually as while doing so, you have the complete freedom of what to interlink, how to interlink, and where to interlink.

2.      Always remember, the success rate of interlinking is directly proportional to the relevancy of the posts interlinked to each other. Interlinking is a way of helping the reader explore the current topic further, without moving to another site.

3.      Anchor Texts are Blogger’s best playmate. Anchor texts are the clickable links over which the reader will click. Therefore, according to SEO, incorporating your keywords into these anchor texts is highly proposed. But, merely focusing on the keywords while interlinking is not encouraged. The sole point to be focused here is to remain as elucidative and natural as you can while using keywords in the anchor links as this makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of the search engines.

4.      Don’t cram yourself in interlinking. Higher the number of links in a post, lesser juice each link will pass. So, keep the number of links to a minimal.

5.      After interlinking, it’s important to manage the interlinks effectively so that they don’t convert into broken links! A broken link is a dead link that doesn’t work or in simple terms, will not lead the reader anywhere. So, use Google Analytics to track the functioning of every interlink and find and fix every broken link, if any.

Benefits of Interlinking

The following are the benefits of interlinking.

1.      Better the interlinking, lower will be the bounce rates and loftier will be the overall conversion rates.

2.      Interlinking helps in On-Page Optimization.

3.      Google bots/spiders can handily crawl and rank your articles via interlinking.

4.      Lastly, interlinking prevents your older posts from getting lower attention and traffic.

So, by now, you must have understood how to interlink blog posts, how beneficial interlinking is, and how it can help you rise and fall at the same time if not practiced properly. But, following my guidelines, you can skillfully master the art of interlinking. So, give your older blog posts the obliged notoriety through interlinking!

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