How To Fix Vaper’s Tongue?


Vaper’s tongue is a condition that develops without any warning and it can cause a vaper to have a hard time tasting flavors. Vaper’s tongue is considered to be a universal phenomenon and it can last somewhere around one to three days and in some rare cases, the condition can even last up to two full weeks. Fortunately, the human tongue has anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds that regenerate every ten days and as a result, the vaper’s tongue should heal by itself. However, if it doesn’t heal by itself, here are a few things that you can try out:


      Drink more water: Drinking enough water can help your tongue to get rid of old flavor and after staying hydrated is essential for general good health.

      Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol can dry out the mouth and your tongue, which can further worsen the vaper’s tongue condition. Moreover, these two beverages are also classified as diuretics, meaning they will cause you to urinate more frequently, causing dehydration.

      Consume an Oral Hydration Product: Certain oral hydration products like Biotene can not only improve oral health but also help in curing dry mouth. Some of these products include a standard mouthwash, toothpaste, spray, or an overnight gel.

      Clean Up The Tongue: Cleaning up the tongue can also help you in recovering from Vaper’s tongue fast enough. You can also stimulate your taste buds by brushing your tongue.

      Avoid Smoking: If you’re having a vaper’s tongue, it is best that you avoid smoking cigarettes and it should help you in regaining your ability to taste back. If you have recently quit smoking, give your tongue some time before the taste buds can regenerate.

      Take Breaks: If you have been vaping for a long time now and quite regularly, it is important that you take a break from it for all kinds of health reasons. This should give your body to improve your immune system and your tongue will have a good break for regenerating those taste buds.

      Switch Flavors: Another simple way to recover from a vaper’s tongue is to try and switch to a different flavor than your regular ones. Sometimes, it’s also a good choice to vape unflavored vape juices.

Wrap Up

Vaper’s tongue is a common phenomenon and if you have been experiencing it, stay calm, and do not panic. Take a break from vaping or switch up your vape juice or flavor with citrusy flavor like the Lemon Law Vape Juice or similar to give your tongue something different. Also, if you’re looking for wholesale vape juice in your area, make sure you visit Buffalo Distro. You can also get in touch with us by calling at 888-223-0777 or filling out the contact form

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