How Skill Development NGOs have contributed to India's Progress?

by Hlf PPT HLFPPT Partners for Better Health
When it comes to overall development of the country, NGOs or non Governmental Organizations have a great role to play. They bridge the gam between underprivileged section of society and those who want to help others, the donors, thereby playing a great in improving many people’s life and many a times proving themselves as a ray of hope. 
NGOs serve the society in many ways, from providing free education to helping girl child study and peruse her dreams to giving people new life by health treatment in the best hospital. All of this is possible with the help of general masses who contribute towards a cause and help people survive. The corporates, which are involved in CSR, related activities plays a huge role.

The Skill Development NGOs specially have contributed to India’s progress in many ways :

Basic Education, means awareness about many things

Specially in villages where people are completely illiterate and are totally unaware about right and wrong, the skill development NGO have their back. They organize camps for everyone be it children, adults or even senior citizen and give them basic knowledge about many things including hygiene, conservation of resources and other subjects whose awareness is very important for one’s survival. The young children are given proper classes and taught well so that if they not want to become a farmer, they can take up the career of their choice, perform well and not get restricted to the same occupation because of lack of opportunity.

Family planning awareness

India’s growth and development means all its citizens live well and fed well, but in rural India it’s still not the reality. Given a few earning member in the family, the population is increasing because of precautions not been taken while intercourse. In this modern world, people are still embarrassed to buy condoms and use them, hence the NGOs reach different parts of the village and teach them about its importance. Even free condoms are distributed so that people with limited resources could use it too, hence birth rate can be controlled.


HIV one of the most serious disorders which spread by unprotected sexual intercourse is increasing at the alarming rate in India as people are still not using protection as a result of which the disease is transmitted from one person to another, the general awareness about this deadly disease is very important, therefore the money collected from CSR related activities is used to help people understand the importance of condoms so that the disease can be controlled to a large extent. Unless the NGOs help in educating masses about it, they would not know and the cases will keep multiplying.

Women upliftment

In many parts of the country, women are still kept in the cocoon. They want to make their career and be independent but are gripped in the hands of society and to overcome this situation only education can help. Not only this, the NGOs are helping them fight health related issues that are common these days and can affect well being in great many way if not taken care of. From menstrual hygiene to pampering their body during and post pregnancy they are being educated enough. 

Hence, the skill development NGO is playing a huge role in letting people understand the most important things that are affecting their day to day lives, which need immediate attention. From health to education and career, all aspects of societal development are being addressed. Be a part of this act of kindness. Donate now. Click here to know more -

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