How Does Cannabis Help Inflammation

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The moment you get hurt, your body jumps into safe mode and then proceeds to deploy the immune system to take action. This makes our white blood cells release proteins that immediately go to the affected area to protect it.  This is carried out by the body to ensure that no pathogens take over the wound and to also start the healing process as soon as possible. Medical Marijuana Card Fresno is here to explain it to you.

However, this natural process has the ability to turn unpleasant to all the way life-threatening in the blink of an eye. The proteins that are released in the bloodstream increase blood flow and cause fluid secretions, which in turn can cause swelling, redness, and elevated pain called inflammation.

If You Think It Can Recede On Its Own, You Can’t Be More Wrong.

One would expect the body to understand when it is foreign invaders causing issues, but all too often, our system detects problems where there are none. This can even translate to our body having issues with our own tissues and attacking them, this is what gives rise to chronic issues like arthritis, skin conditions, asthma, soreness, and joint pain.


Various drugs can be used to ease the side effects of inflammation. Amongst these are over the counter aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and prescription corticosteroids. But all of them carry the same issue of having severe side effects. If you want to go down a natural pathway of remedies, you have drug free botanical options as well as fish oil supplements. 

People usually prefer to use a combination of these methods to relieve inflammation. But a large number of these treatments can create long-standing issues like ulcers, liver, and kidney damage over a substantial period of time.

The alternate to these over the counter medicines is steroids. Which have both short as well as long term issues? These issues are fluid retention, high blood pressure, memory lapses, mood, and hormonal imbalances.

Cannabis as a Treatment

For people suffering from inflammation, it is not extraordinary to turn to alternative medicine. This includes marijuana.

For a long time, cannabis has been a mainstay in traditional medicines and has proved effective in fighting several issues like anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Multiple studies on both mice and men have lead researchers to believe that both THC and CBD play a huge role in tackling the symptoms of inflammation. This includes pain, mood swings, and appetite loss.

The point with cannabis is that it isn’t necessarily curing inflammation; on the contrary, it is tricking our mind into believing that everything with our body is fine. So it is a pain reliever and not a cure.

Strains That Work Best

The market is now flooded with strains wherever marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes. For a first time entrant into the medical marijuana market, it is very easy to get lost. To set you on your path to healing, here are the top strains that help relieve symptoms of inflammation.

Blueberry Diesel 

Named for its distinctive blueberry smell and flavour, it has a mellow high affecting both the mind and body. It is a top-notch strain to deal with inflammation because of the amount of time that the body feels the effects of the strain.

The CBD content of this strain isn’t particularly high, but it is good at diminishing the symptoms caused by inflammation. For patients of chronic inflammation, it is a highly recommended strain.


The lovechild of Purple Thai and Afghani Indica is a high flowering strain, thus its name. It is a hybrid that has decent THC levels but exceptional CBD levels. 

It has an earthy flavour with pine undertones, which make it a great option if you prefer a milder taste in your cannabis. It has quite a reputation amongst the people suffering from chronic pain as well as inflammation.

Flo has energizing and euphoric properties, which make it a delight to take in the morning to get through the day with minimal hiccups.

Mother of Berries 

A significant issue that most people that suffer from chronic inflammation face is that they are not able to sleep.

Mother of berries provides a quick, powerful high that is accompanied by a buzz that helps you doze off to sleep in a quick minute. For people with chronic issues where sleep seems to be a major issue, the mother of berries is the answer.

Charlotte’s Web 

 This medicinal strain was first developed for epilepsy patient Charlotte Figi who used to have upwards of 200 seizures a month, which dropped down to only 4-5 with the administration of this strain. 

It is one of the most effective medicinal strains available in the market today.  Its high CBD content is a major selling factor for most patients suffering from chronic inflammation. It gets the work done without getting you high.


No list for inflammation-reducing strains can ever be completed without the mention of this strain. The composition of these strains, which is a fair balance between CBD and THC, makes it a great daytime strain.

Inflammation can often snowball into much bigger issues if not curtailed at the right time.  The options that exist to help you manage inflammation with cannabis run aplenty, but you should make an informed decision in times like this as it can be the difference between getting through the day or just staying in bed. Also, to avoid any issues do get a medical marijuana card Fresno before making your way to a dispensary.


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