How a DUI Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

by Prosmushkin & Davis, P.C. Personal Injury Lawyer
Although very few people set out to drive under the influence of alcohol, the number of individuals doing so is on the rise, especially among young adults and teenagers. However, in every state across the United States, drinking and driving is a criminal offense. In many states, this offense is called “driving under the influence,” or DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, and those who are convicted on related charges may have to pay hefty penalties or face long jail sentences. This blog post is designed to help you understand the various ways that an experienced DUI lawyer may play an important role.

The Need for Legal Assistance Is High

An individual may go to jail even if it is their first time facing a DUI conviction. You may face other severe consequences if you are convicted as well, including losing your driver’s license for a while and larger monetary fines. These penalties can have a devastating effect on your life. For example, your car insurance company may drop your coverage. It can be valuable to get legal help from a qualified DUI attorney who can assist and help you understand what is at stake, as well as defending you in your criminal case.

The Penalties for DUI in New Jersey

If you are convicted on your first DUI offense, which is covered under NJSA 39:4-50, and your blood alcohol content falls within the range of 0.08% to 0.1%, you may have your driver’s license suspended for a certain period. You may get back your license if you can prove that you have an ignition interlock system device operating in your vehicle. It is important to know that the interlock system must remain installed for three months, and convicted individuals may have to pay a $250 to $400 monthly fine and $1,000 as a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission fee. 
For the second offense and all subsequent offenses, the monetary penalties range from $500 to $1,000, and there is a mandatory two to 90 days in jail, with eight years of license suspension.

When to Hire a DUI Attorney

Courts treat cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other impaired driving cases, as very serious because of the exceptional danger that impaired drivers pose to other motorist on the road. As mentioned above, the scenario is quite similar in almost every state: the individual convicted on DUI charges has their license suspended and pays a hefty amount as a penalty. A legal practitioner with DUI experience can help you handle your case. It is important to search for an attorney as soon as you can, because they can protect your rights in a criminal case.

The Ability to Seek Compensation Even After a DUI Conviction

Even if an individual is charged and convicted of DUI, they may still be entitled to compensation for the injuries they incurred. However, there is a difference between a personal injury claim and a claim for injuries caused by accident involving a DUI charge. For instance, you may be apprehended for driving while under the influence after getting involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by another motorist, for which you were not at fault. While you will still have to pay penalties if you are convicted of a DUI with regard to the criminal case, you may still be able to collect compensation for the injuries you suffered due to another party’s negligence or fault.

Determining Whose Insurance Will Pay for DUI Accident Losses

In the event that a drunken driver causes an accident, that driver’s insurance company will be responsible for the damages. The victim will be required to prove that the drunken driver caused the accident. But in a case in which the person who was driving under the influence is the victim of a car accident caused by others, they may be eligible for compensation from the party who caused the accident. An experienced attorney can help to build a strong case with all available evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault. This can help you reach a fair settlement for a personal injury claim resulting from a DUI accident. It would be the attorney’s job to scrutinize the case and gather as much information as possible so the victim gets as much as they deserve.

In a situation in which you are involved in a DUI accident that also involves a personal injury claim, an attorney with experience in the field of car accidents can help you. One of the law firms to consider is The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, where you can speak with a personal injury lawyer Trenton NJ trusts to help you seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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