Guideline: How Electronic Cigarettes Works?

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E- Electronic cigarettes are the best option for the one who can’t live without cigarettes. Around the world, people are addicted to smoking.  Some people have tried a lot to come out of the trap of addiction by entering into rehabilitation, and in taking of medicines that suppress the urge of addiction. Though smoking is not at all beneficial for your health neither the electronic cigarette nor the traditional one.

What is E-Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device. It is basically a long tube that lookalike a cigar, tube, pen, or pipe. They can be reused, with the help of replaceable and refilling cartridges, some are disposable. E-Cigarette converts the liquid nicotine into vapors and releases vapors instead of smoke.  It developed to provide the same sensation as that of tobacco smoke but without smoke. 

What are the Advantages of E-Cigarettes?

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But the advantage of an e-cigarette is that unlike the traditional cigarette that first burns the tobacco and releases the smoke containing nicotine. In the process, the user breathes in the smoke and delivers the nicotine to the lungs, whereas an e-cigarette doesn’t depend on this procedure of combustion. Instead of burning of the nicotine, it heats the nicotine and converts the liquid into vapor, or mist that the user inhales. There are different kinds of e-cigarettes available that features two ways of starting the process of vaporization.

1.       In some devices, the User may start the vaporization process by opening and inhaling the nicotine from the cartridge.

2.       In some devices, there is a manual switch through which the vaporizer inside activates.

The Suorin E-cigarette is innovatively designed vape pods for the starters or chain smokers. The one those are looking for an alternative, it is the best and health beneficial option. This multifunctional device is designed by the Chinese company and is allegedly manufactured by Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer; its clients include major American, Canadian, Finnish, and Japanese electronics companies. The company that manufactures the products includes Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One and the BlackBerry.

We, Suorin Vape offer the Best E-Cigarette Vape at affordable prices. We have products with strong technical force, the latest technology, and advanced precision production testing equipment. We provide reliable and high-quality products with no deficiencies. You can buy our most popular Suorin Air Pods Online and have a relishing smoking experience.

Before going into the deep detailing on how it works, lets us know what exactly e-cigarette is.

How E- Cigarette works?

There are generally four features every e-cigarette has-

1.    A mouthpiece or cartridge

2.    A heating element

3.    A rechargeable battery

4.    Electronic circuits


•    A mouthpiece

The cartridge is fixed to the end of the tube. There is an absorbent material that is saturated into the liquid solution. This material is encased within the small plastic cup.

•    The Atomizer

It is the heating element that heats the nicotine resulting in converting it into vapors. The solution is inhaled during the process.

•    The Battery

The heating element is heated by the use of the battery; therefore it is reusable, unlike the traditional cigarettes.

•    The Sensor

The function of the sensor is to activate the heater. The heater is automatically activated whenever the user sucks the device.  An LED is an indication of its activation.

•    The Solution

The solution that can be called as e-juice or e-liquid, it is formed by extracting nicotine from tobacco and it is mixed with the base. The base that is used is propylene glycol and flavoring. Propylene glycol is a popular base, usually used for asthma inhalers. The flavors are available in a number of varieties including traditional, watermelon, menthol, and lava flow. Suorin Vape offers Vape Juice with Nicotine in several flavors. 

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