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Are you curious about going on a ghost tour? Do you have an idea of where and how to go? Or any information about the preparation that will help you go on such excursions? San Antonio is one of the most popular ghost tour destinations and Texas, America. This area has a past that you will be eager to know so that you can understand why it is one of the spookiest places. 

Therefore, the best way to begin is to search for a professional and ask them about the destination where you can experience supernatural activities. Also, learn about 8 to top 10 haunted places in San Antonio.   

San Antonio ghost tour is the most adventurous free time outing in this location. It is filled with spooky experiences. Ghost is unsatisfied souls trying to get solace. At times they do not create havoc, but at times they do. And it is the soul's nature to live where they have been tortured and killed. They don't want to get disturbed and meet the world taken away by ill means.

When a human invades them in human form, they may be offended and hence react, as I have heard after visiting people remember such spooky events for the rest of their lives. Sometimes they fall sick and need to consult an Aghori / spiritual master. We are not frightening you but making you aware so that you always go prepared with your mind and body. 

Eight Most Haunted Places to Visit in San Antonio:

1. The Train Tracks

The train tracks are one of the most haunted places in our living space. Those to feel that they are done with all and their mind is overdone want to end life most cruelly; such souls live there till they find heaven through a saint or any other way. 

Another incident took place. Long long ago, in the 1930s and 40s, a bus filled with school kids crossed the track at Shane and Villa main Roads when it stalled. The bus driver tried to get the kids out, but a train crashed into it. All kids died on the spot, also the driver. 

The car drifted away from the track without seeing anyone doing it. You will sometimes see baby hand prints on your car once it's moved away from the way.

2. The Menger Hotel

Any old hotel you visit is a little creepy, but this hotel has a bit more to say. This hotel is originally near the battlegrounds. Richard King, the Confederate riverboat captain who founded King Ranch, died in one of the hotel's rooms. 

Though he died of stomach cancer, the room where he died is the most haunted.

We help you experience such moments if you are ready!

3. The Alamo

This one goes without saying. The battle of the Alamo left thousands of Texas soldiers dead. As you all know, before the war, it served as a San Antonio burial ground. Apart from the soldiers' wandering souls, there are also the kids' souls from the burial ground. When the appointed life span is incomplete, the soul will wander and get to heaven after.

4. The Spanish Governor's Palace

This place is lovely and also haunted. So it is excellent for ghosting your adventure. This National Historic Landmark represents the last visual remnants of the Presidio San Antonio de BĂ©jar. Sometimes such beauties should be haunted so that it is preserved at their best.

This place is not only historical but also haunted. Here you will learn Texa's earliest history under Spanish rule. Here you will see the furniture of the Spanish era. Even the courtyard gardens are mesmerizing. 

There are spirits in the bedrooms of the palace. The well of the courtyard has spotted the ghost of a young girl. She had died falling into the well, and the spirit still lingers there. Some souls never want to leave their place to anyone else. Such endless stories resonate in this world.

5. The Legend And Ghost Of La Llorona

All over south Texas, There is a terrifying cry of a woman. The crying signifies a sinking feeling of herself or losing her beloved one. In anger, she drowned her kids to death and then kept looking for them till judgment day.

So if you visit this location, you will hear the shriek and a chill run down your spine. It's very spooky towards late evening. And when you are on a journey for a ghost tour, you must visit this location for an experiential memory.

6. The Ghosts of the Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre is one of the second largest theatres in the United States. Apart from the grand interior, it is also home to many unliberated souls. Felt a female spirit at every performance in the hall. 

7. The Ghosts and Legend of Midget Mansion

Different owners complained of hearing painful weeping sounds from the second-floor closet. Even though the whole property was said to be haunted, the unusual activities happened only on the second floor. The shout from the closet revealed that the soul wanted to release herself from the cabinet. They often heard a scratching sound.

8. The Ghosts of The Devil Bridge

Old bridges are one the most haunted places on earth. The unfulfilled departed souls stay here. Some say these souls are from sacrifices that have taken place, and others are from people who go to die on these bridges. Sacrifice and ritual are so strong that the departed souls will stay there forever. 

This bridge will mark the San Antonio ghost tour as a memorable one only the courageous trek to East Ashley Road. 

I am a writer and I believe in spreading useful and helpful information about the most controversial topics. One such topic is San Antonio Ghost Tour where you get to experience the best encounters with these spirits. If you have any complaints or issues, please get in touch with me for the most logical reasons.

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