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There is nothing more troublesome and embarrassing than to deal with these pesky bed bugs. They really do live in the mattresses of your beds, as well as in your couch and and other furniture. When you have a problem with bed bugs in your house, you may get skin rashes, develop skin infections and irritations. Keep reading this article and you'll learn what you can do now to minimize this painful experience.

Though there are numerous products in the market today claiming to be the best when it comes to eliminating them, none of them work as well as a professional does. Modern day bugs have become very resistant to chemicals, thanks to DDT in the 50's, and you need the most current products to deal with this problem.

That being said, there are steps you can take to help your chosen professional in getting rid of bed bugs.

Getting started

To start off, make sure that the bug you are dealing with is really a bed bug, and not some other bug. Each pest needs to be treted and dealt with differently, so you can save yourself some time by making sure of what you've got.

The best way to find out is to catch a live or dead bug. SInce these pests are nocturnal and you can easily find them during nighttime. Once you actually find one, seal it in a jar with a tight lid. Then you can compare it to pictures and images of it online or even in your child's encyclopedia.

Steam Clean

Now it is time to take off all bed sheets, pillow case, blankets, drapes, curtains and other loose material in your rooms. Rent a steam cleaner and thoroughly clean your mattress, carpets and other furniture. Using a steam cleaner will kill the pesky bed bugs and their eggs.

Tree Leaf Oil

One of the many rumoured natural ways to get rid of these bugs is that of applying tea leaf oil. You just have to apply several drops of tree leaf oil surrounding the area of your bed such as the mattress and the bed frame. Hey, its worth a shot, right?

Consult an exterminator

After you've taken the above steps, then it is time to consult an exterminator. The exterminator normally will spray some chemicals around your house to kill the bugs and their eggs. A professionally completed extermination is nearly the only effective way to get rid of bed bugs.

Prevent Future Infestations

You can actually prevent further infestations by buying and using a special kind of sealant to seal crack walls or tears on the wallpaper. It is also suggested to choose a plastic covering for your mattress, by using a bed bag, you can actually prevent bed bugs to reside and lay eggs on your mattress.

Simply get a bed bug exterminator and follow these effective tips and soon you'll be bed bug free.

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