Get Proper Treatment for Saving Your Life from Alcohol and Heroin Addictions

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The term “addiction” is used to define the state of being dependent on a certain substance and the condition can compel an individual to face certain negative consequences in life. One can become addicted to various substances such as alcohol, drugs and others. The study report of National Survey on Drug Use and Health refers to the fact that 21.5 million US adults are battling with substance use problem and 7 million US people face the addiction issues in every year.

Services Offered

The high rate of addiction in the society requires proper addiction treatment centers that can help every person to find his/her way back to life. Specializing in various therapeutic treatments, one can get,
Ibogaine treatment
Yoga and massage
Tablet program
Equine therapy
Hydro colonic therapy

Even the organization focuses on offering plant medicines like kambo, DMT, 5 MEO-DMT and ayahuasca. Hypnosis and Reiki I are also practiced to help people at the time of need.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Resulting in alcoholism, 7 million US citizens deal with alcohol addiction per year. Alcohol abuse is the state of being psychologically and physically dependent on alcohol and without a drink, one cannot find a way to function. Alcoholism is susceptible to lead to destructive behavior like domestic violence.

Nausea, loss of bowel control, coma and temporary loss of consciousness are the common symptoms.

Sleep disruption, drowsiness, slurring of speech and emotional changes are the short-term consequences of the condition.

Apart from the harrowing hangover, one can be left with cancer, live damage, depression and even premature mortality. However, the treatment of alcohol addiction can aid in getting your life back together.

Consequences of Heroin Addiction

According to American Society of Addiction Medicine, 5, 86,000 US citizens suffer from heroin addiction and the figures are seen to go high over the course of time. People who are already struggling with alcohol addiction have the higher risks of facing heroin and opiate addiction. The short side-effects of heroin addiction can lead to certain health issues,

Itchy skin
Light sensitivity
Slowed respiration
Low body temperature

The risk of heroin and opiate can result in the untimely death of the person and if not death, there can be hundreds of health complications. In addition to the context, the long term consequences of heroin use include severe constipation, weakness and sedation, sleeping disorders, malnutrition. If you or your close one is suffering from such condition, there is heroin and opiate addict treatment open for all.

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