Five Ways to Work with Large Outdoor Garden Planters to Create a Transformative Look

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment

When you have a small garden, you would want to collect a wide range of pots, all scaled-down, including plants. While this is an approach that can be right for the house interior, this is something that may prove counter-productive for your garden. You wouldn’t want to see your garden cluttered and cramped.


Why a Large Pot is a Much Better Option than a Small Pot for a Small Garden?


Small pots may also not be ideal for some specific plants, as they can cut off the moisture, nutrients, and oxygen all because of the congestion of the roots. A small pot also makes the entire area feel cramped, which isn’t as pleasing as you would want to.


In contrast, a large pot makes ideal usage of the space, maximizing the efficiency of the garden and creating a statement. A large pot also retains water and soil, thus it dries out at a slower pace. Thus you should go and buy the best large decorative outdoor planters and see how creative and inspiring your garden will become.


So, how can you turn your small garden into a piece of an amazing statement with large pots? Read on to know:


Get a Large Plant as the Focal Point


A large plant in a big pot that takes center stage brings simplicity yet powerful design to the fore. Having such a plant will create maximum impact while requiring just limited space and minimum maintenance. The overall view that it creates is light-hearted and eye-catching.


Have Large Pots in Row


Create much-needed vow to a small space by placing large pots in numbers, playing with different layers of planting. How about creating a window-box effect by placing pots in a row with plants up to window height? Make sure that these plants don’t get too high and maintain them to a certain level so as not to affect the view.