Fact behind Jabal Al-Noor

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Jabal Al-Noor or the Hill of illumination is located near the Makkah in the Hijazi terrain of Saudi Arabia. The blessed Islamic spot has great importance for Muslims all over the world. This is the sacred mountain in which the Cave of Hira is laid down. Cave of Hira is that blessed place where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) meditated about the existence of the Universe as well as man. 

Likewise, his forefather Ibrahim (AS), Muhammad (SAW) did not believe idolatry. So, that’s why in the search of real Lord, Muhammad (SAW) spent most of his time in the Cave of Hira. People who go to Makkah through Hajj and Umrah services to perform either major or minor pilgrimages they visit Jabal Al-Noor after taking 1200 walking steps from Kaaba to reach the holy spot to get to know about the wonderful facts of Cave of Hira where Prophet (SAW) meditated. 
Thus, God chose him for the savior of mankind and revealed the existence of man through Angel Jibrael (AS). One day in the Cave of Hira Jibrael (AS) came and delivered the following message of Allah-Almighty. “Read the name of thy Lord who created the man; created the man with congealed blood. Thy God is most bountiful who taught the man with a pen, which man knew not. 

The first Revelation horrifies Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as that was an unimaginable incident. But gradually, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came to know the purpose of Revelation. After that, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had arisen to proclaim the Oneness of God. On the other hand, Quraysh did not accept the new faith as they strongly believed in idolatry. 

Not only they rejected the true faith but strictly opposed to spreading in the Makkah and surroundings. At one occasion they also sent a delegation to his caring uncle Abu Talib to renounce the new faith or ready to face the enmity from his nephew. But Prophet Muhammad (SAW) remained steadfast and did not lose his heart. When Quraysh felt the threat of the dominance of Islam against the faith of their forefather, they plotted to assassinate Prophet (SAW). 

Thus, Allah-Almighty saved his servant in the Cave of Thawr which is laid down in the Mountain of Thawr. Both caves such as Cave of Hira and Cave of Thawr have great importance for Muslims. That’s why whenever Muslims go to the Holy sanctuary of Makkah with Makkah tours and travel the UK from the United States or any other places, they visit both caves to recall the critical days of Prophet (SAW). After visiting the caves they also move towards the city of Madinah to visit Masjid e Nabvi. Though it is not the part of Umrah pilgrims should go for Ziarah. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised people to visit his Roza to offer the greetings. People who recite on the Roza e Rasool (The Sacred Chamber) they will be greatly rewarded in the world and hereafter on the behalf of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Moreover, pilgrims relax as they reach Masjid Nabvi in fatigue state after performing the rituals of Umrah such as Tawaf around the Kaaba as well as Safa and Marwa. 

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