Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services For You

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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services For You

Fabric sofas are popular all around the world for their comfort, plus ability to meet diverse decor needs. They are soft and versatile. There are so many styles and patterns available that the fabric sofas will blend easily into virtually any residential or commercial space. From bright and geometric patterns to subtle pastel designs, materials ranging from velvet and chenille to corduroy, linen and wool, they enhance the beauty and appeal of the interior space. No doubt you invested heavily in getting the sofa set that accentuates your premises, and you want it to retain its structural integrity, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Regular sofa cleaning is needed for this, since the furniture comes under attack from different sources. Let's look into this.

The Dirt In Your Fabric Sofa
Particles in the air, from dust to pollen, gradually settle on the sofa. In case there are persons in the establishment who smoke, then these too will get absorbed by the fabric, causing odours to develop. Dust also includes skin flakes from people using the sofa, and pet dander from your furry friend. These add to the grime. The sink flakes are food for dust mites, and the food crumbs from snacks feasted on while on the sofa attract insects, which leave behind body husks and faecal waste. These are both contaminants and allergens, that accumulate in the sofa and put the health of the persons using it at risk. Moreover, the dirt particles are abrasive, and over time they wear down the fibres of the fabric, which actually reduces the life of your sofa.

Whether the sofas are of natural fibres like wool, linen or cotton, or artificial material like rayon, the fabric is hydrophilic. This means that it has a high affinity for water, quickly absorbing it into its structure. Numerous substances contain moisture- including sweat. Thus, as people relax on the sofa and their skin gets rubbed on its cushions, the fabric will absorb the sweat. The oleophilic nature of the fabric further compounds the problem. This means that they also have a high affinity for oil and grease. Remember that sweat contains fatty acids. This, in addition to issues like grease from fast foods and pizza that wind up on the sofa, makes them adhere strongly to the material. Since the grease is, in turn, a dirt magnet, it increases the rate of soiling. The fabric sofa cleaning process removes the oil and grease stains that have formed, bringing back the appeal to your furniture.

There are plenty of pathogens in the sofa. These are from the decaying organic matter ranging from dead skin to faecal residue, food crumbs, those transferred onto the sofa from items like remote controllers, gaming consoles and handbags, plus those that get directly coughed or sneezed onto the seat by persons who are ill. Scheduling regular fabric sofa cleaning will enable you to prevent persons who are using the set from getting infected, thus protecting your family members at home, or the staff and customers at your business premises.
The fabric sofas also get stained by clothes. This is particularly a concern when the clothes in question are new and have excess dye, plus denim clothes. These ruin the blend of colours and patterns that you love your sofa for. Things don’t have to remain this way, as they can be reversed with a professional sofa cleaning program.

With pets, there's also fur to factor in. Bits and pieces stick to the fabric, and the cat or dogs may even track in mud from the outdoors and hop onto the sofa, soiling it. There are also instances of urine stains. These are unsightly spots, and they produce pungent odours that make it difficult to use the sofa. The urine can also damage the sofa’s fabric, causing set-in stains.

Get Specialised Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services
Calling in our crew will enable you to protect your sofa from the gritty gunk that's abrading it, and eliminate those tough stains without putting the material at risk. The appropriate cleaning agents are used for your particular type of material, that way you can rest assured that your investment is safe. Our specialist team restore its appeal and maintain its texture. The processes used bring back that warm and cosy feel, thus enabling you to enjoy your investment.

Give us a call today and let us handle your fabric sofa cleaning needs.

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