Everything You Need to Know about Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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One of the more interesting things technology has allowed for is instant communication and interaction. Literally, at the push of a button, people from across the world can talk to each other in real time. As great as that is, this technology is only getting better. A good example of this can be seen with computer telephony integration technology. Also known as CTI, this technology allows for interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or matched together. As we can imagine, this has led to some amazing platforms and devices to start using this technology. In fact, CTI technology has its own unique benefits in and of itself. With this in mind, let's go over 5 of the top benefits of computer telephony technology that make it one of the most impressive creations of our time.


#5: People Can Take and Send Calls Directly From Their Computer

As mentioned before, one amazing benefit of computer telephony integration software is the fact that it can be used directly from a computer. This eliminates any hassle from having to connect a phone to a computer or having to use both. In the grand span of things, this allows for an efficient and productive working environment for whoever uses this technology.


#4: It Allows For Accurate Caller Authentication & Recognition

Another benefit of telephony software solutions is that it allows the user to accurately identify the caller. Worth noting, this works both ways. In other words, it allows the users of the CTI software solutions to know exactly who they are calling or who is calling them. This minimizes any confusion or miscommunication that can happen within a place of business or other similar settings where this technology is used.


#3: It Is A Great Way To Send Out Information

With computer telephony integration software solutions, there also is the added benefit of sending out information. Since this technology makes up areas such as email, text messaging, and live chat, we can imagine how instrumental it can be in this regard. Not to forget, this information can be sent and passed around immediately. There is no longer a waiting time with CTI.


#2: It Can Receive Large Amounts Of Valuable Data

Given the fact that CTI technology is mostly used in business settings as mentioned before, we can see how important of a tool it is for people in these setting based off the fact that it can receive large amounts of valuable data. Not only can it accurately recognize any caller, but it also has the ability to pinpoint where they are calling from.


#1: It Can Be Centralized Into One Main Control Panel

Last but not least, perhaps the most useful benefit of CTI technology is that it can be centralized. In other words, there is no need to bring in other tools or platforms to get all the benefits of CTI. It can all be managed from one specific location according to how the user wants to use it.


Now that you have an understanding as to how powerful CTI technology is, you can now start looking for options. Speaking of which, Chetu offers one of the most reputable CTI software solutions available. By all accounts, they are one of the leaders in combining expertise with a passion that is unmatched in their field.


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