ESA Recommendation – How Does it Help?

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For those who wonder what ESA is, it stands for Emotional Support Animal. There’s actually a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of what ESA really is, and how fur babies help people with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. The truth is there’s much more to this method of treatment than airline bans and red vests. Now that people with mental illness increases in number, ESA is very important to comprehend.

According to LA licensed therapist Jane Reardon, the clinical meaning of ESA refers to animals that help their owners to deal and overcome a particular disability. This is what differentiated ESA from other types of assistant animals. ESAs are trained to provide specific help to its owner to help alleviate disability, which is ESA’s main distinction from a service animal that is protected by the Disabilities Act of the United States. ESA Letter plays a different fundamental role to support the health of the owners.

How does ESA help people with specific conditions?

1.   ESA helps calm anxiety in flights

Several nonsense comments go around animals and planes these days. However, for people with particular conditions, having an ESA to accompany them on their trip is very important. ESA helps these people to travel a little more convenient. All travel is not for leisure and vacation. Some people find traveling stressful but necessary. For instance, to spend time with family, for medical treatment, or attend a funeral. With ESA, traveling is a lot better.


During flights, ESAs take the form of support that serves differently than medicine. People who experience anxiety during flights can keep their focus on their ESA, rather than to become overwhelmed by their fear of planes. All people, including the ones with mental conditions, have the right to travel.


2.   ESAs offers unconditional love

Aside from the fact that ESAs help people with conditions, they also give unconditional love, which is often hard to find. ESAs give their owners limitless love and the feeling of connectedness, which is what people want to feel most of the time.


On the other hand, having an ESA does not mean that owners can’t connect with other people. This kind of love that ESAs give is simply assistance to mentally disabled people to build their selves up again. With an ESA recommendation, an individual can have an ESA, and all the affection that comes with it, and accompany them in times of loneliness. This could ultimately improve an individual’s mental health and reduce the incapacitating nature of their conditions. 


3.   ESAs promotes the production of Neurotransmitters

Antidepressants help increase the levels of serotonin, and ESAs increases love and bonding-associated neurochemicals like dopamine. There are even studies stating that just by looking into our dog’s eyes can increase the production of dopamine in our brain. This brings dual benefit: increase our loving and caring capacity and feels less depressed. That’s why having an animal around is vital for the people who always tend towards sadness and loneliness.


4.   ESAs help in the regulation of daily feelings

If you are diagnosed with a mental condition, it is important to manage your every day, and every particular moment as well. ESAs help individuals to regulate their emotions – daily and for every moment. Research even showed that emotional support animal helps to reduce depression and anxieties, improves the mood, and regulates physiological arousal. ESAs provide attention on demand, and unconditional love and connection regardless of the time of day. With animals’ steady presence, and individual’s emotions tends to stabilize, and lets them live a calm and normal life.

If you need to travel with a furry companion, ESA recommendation is the ideal solution. You can apply for an ESA recommendation from trusted services like My ESA Doctor, and it’s relatively easy and convenient. Everyone deserves a happy and normal life, especially the ones with specific conditions.

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