Ergonomic Pillow for Side Sleepers

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Neck, shoulder, and lower back pain can result from following incorrect posture when sleeping on your side. To prevent this from happening, you can rely on ergonomic pillows for side sleepers that facilitate better spine alignment and reduce pressure from your joints.

In this article, you’ll learn more about ergonomic pillows for side sleepers.

Pillow specifications for side sleepers

For side sleepers, it is essential to find a pillow that:

  • Has correct loft for perfect spine alignment

  • Is firm enough to prevent the head from sinking in

  • Reduces pressure from the shoulder

Adjustable Pillow for Side Sleepers

Adjustable pillows come out as a clear winner because they enable you to set their loft and firmness.

The pillowcase contains shreds of foam. You can adjust the amount of foam inside the pillowcase to alter the height and firmness of the pillow.

So you can set the loft to minimize pressure from your shoulder and promote good spine alignment.

Ergonomic Pillow for Side Sleepers

These pillows have a wavy design to perfectly fit your curves.

One side of the pillow generally comes with a greater loft to facilitate side sleeping. The other side is usually for back and stomach sleepers.

However, you can’t alter the loft or firmness of this pillow, so you may have to try different materials and pillow sizes before finding the perfect Ergonomic Pillow for Side Sleepers.

Orthopedic Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers

Designed specifically to provide relief from neck pain, the Cervical Pillow offers additional support to the neck.

The center cavity offers space to facilitate back sleeping. The sides of the pillow facilitate side sleeping.

The pillow is often firm to enable good alignment of the spine.

However, these pillows are only recommended for those with neck pain. If you don’t suffer from chronic neck pain, then go for an adjustable or ergonomic pillow for side sleepers.

Lower back pain in Side Sleepers

Side sleepers may also use a pillow to prevent lower back pain.

The upper leg of side sleepers usually slides down onto the mattress, rotating the spine in an unnatural manner and putting more pressure on your joints.

To prevent your leg from sliding down, you can place a pillow between your knees.


Ergonomic pillows for side sleepers offer good support to the neck, promote better spine alignment, and reduce pressure from the shoulder closer to the mattress. To prevent lower back pain, side sleepers can place a pillow between their knees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all these pillows ergonomic?

A. Yes, they are. While only one is sold with that particular name, all of these pillows can easily adjust according to your curves, as they’re made from memory foam.

Memory foam is a malleable material that can mold according to your body’s shape.

Q. What are adjustable pillows made of?

A. Adjustable pillows are often made from shreds or pieces of memory foam or latex. However, you can find those with other materials such as feather, microfiber, down, etc.

With the capability to customize according to the user's needs, adjustable pillows provide superior comfort and better spine alignment. 

Q. Should I purchase an orthopedic cervical pillow if I don’t have neck pain?

A. You can, but it isn’t recommended. Cervical pillows can be a little uncomfortable at first, as they’re quite firm. So unless you’ve neck pain, you should go with an ergonomic or adjustable pillow for side sleepers.

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