Electrical Insulating Mats for protection and insulation

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The insulation mats are manufactured according to the AS/NZS 2978-1995 Standard which is set by the Joint Standa Electrical Insulating Mats rds Australia/New Zealand Committee EL/4. All the protect and insulate people from electrical equipment generated fatal shocks. The company offers all kinds of electrical insulation mattings that include switchboard mats for protection from electrical shocks.

There are two classes of mattings that are available – Class A (thicker mats) are utilized for common purpose applications. Class B (Light Weight) ones are used upon flat indoor surfaces. Both the types of the products according to the AS/NZS 2978 Standard are projected for protecting the personnel where circumstances involve the possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors whose voltage does not surpass 650 V a.c. r.m.s. (or d.c.), between the conductors or even between earth and conductors. The Test Certificate of the manufacturer is also provided along with the supply.

The exclusive features of the insulation mats are here.

Resistance to tear – the mats display a good resistance property measuring 18N/mm (min.)

The Optimum elongation at break (E.B.) – the mats exhibit a value of 200% (min.) in terms of E.B.

The insulation is electrical – the mats exhibit electrical insulation measuring 160 mA/m2 (max.)

The apt tensile strength – the mats have a tensile strength (T.S.) of 5.0 Mpa (min.)

The insulation mats is an Indian Rubber and Plastic products supplier offering a huge range of industrial products and related services encompassing Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Safety, and Material Handling Applications.

Insulation matting protects against mortal shocks

The insulation matting is manufactured according to the AS/NZS 2978:1995 standard set by the Joint Standards Australia/New Zealand Committee EL/4. The electrical safety matting insulates and protects from mortal shocks generated by the electrical equipment. Duratuf offers all types of electrical insulating matting including switchboard matting to protect from Electrical shock.

Classification of Insulation matting

The Safety Mats are available in two classes – Class A (Thicker mats) for the general purpose application and the Class B (Light Weight) for use on flat indoor surfaces. Both the types of switchboard matting as per AS/NZS 2978 standard is intended to protect the personnel where circumstances involve the possibility of contact with conductors or electrical equipment whose voltage does not exceed 650 V a.c. r.m.s. or d.c., between conductors and earth or between conductors. The manufacturer’s test certificate is provided along with the supply of insulation matting.

Application of the Insulation matting

The application area can be near the HT/LT Control Panels. The insulation matting can be placed in electrical substations. The transformers, generator and the lift rooms have been utilizing the insulation matting. The transformers, the generator and the lift rooms have insulation matting. The matting is used in front of switchboards as well. The insulation matting is used around bus bars as well. The outdoor/indoor on-site use on live equipment has increased the demand for insulation matting.

Classification of insulation matting

The product code is ASNZ 001 in Class A for the insulation matting. The recommended thickness is 6.0 mm. The max use or the working voltage is 650 V. The AC Proof Voltage is 15.0 KV. The approx. weight per sqr. Mtr is 10.0 Kgs. The ASNZ 002 has been classified under Class B with the recommended thickness as half as that of ASNZ 001 in Class A. the max use or working voltage remains the same as ASNZ 001 in Class B.

Rubber insulating mats

The rubber mats have been built with the IS 5424:1969. “Duratuf” is the premium brand for electrical rubber insulating mats as per the quality standards. The premium quality rubber mat for an electrical purpose is offered by Duratuf.

Insulating Mats are recommended for general use

The Rubber Mats are recommended widely for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards. Electrical Rubber Mats are highly economical and suitable for general uses also. Duratuf recommends the use of Insulated Rubber Mats according to the latest Indian Standard, that is, IS 15652:2006 for electrical insulation.

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