Egg-Freezing- A Way To Preserve Woman's Fertility

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Sometimes there come fertility problems due to which they have to face various problems and they find difficulties to give birth to the child. However, we all know about the standards of technology and many things have become possible. Like, there are more bright chances for a woman to give birth to a child who is facing infertility problems.

There is a method known as egg freezing that is helpful in preserving a woman's fertility to get pregnant in the future. Also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, it can be an option if someone is not ready to become pregnant now but want to try to make sure that she get pregnant later. The doctor can assist a woman in understanding how egg freezing works, what are its potential risks and whether this method is right for her to opt based upon the necessities and reproductive history.

As women age, the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities climbs that give rise to the risk of miscarriage, disorders or birth defects that makes conceiving more difficult. Egg freezing is proved to be a way in stopping the biological clock, expanding reproductive options and preserving the younger and possibly healthier eggs. One may consider egg freezing if there is a wish to preserve younger eggs now for a future age. Women must consider the option of egg freezing this option before embarking on it. Like some women can meet a subsequent partner and never use their banked eggs, while some may rely on these banked eggs for future pregnancy but their individual eggs may not result in a viable pregnancy. There is no way to guarantee or identify what the outcomes will be, during thawing the eggs.

How Will Be The Eggs Frozen?

The eggs will be frozen by the help of vitrification that is a fast-freeze method. It almost instantly transforms the eggs into a glass-like frozen state. This process reduces the likelihood that the fluid present in the egg will develop ice crystals that could damage it. After the egg retrieval, the embryologist, that is an expert for egg freezing will rinse, incubate and prep the eggs for freezing with an immediate effect. He will remove the cells that have been surrounded over the egg before the process of egg freezing takes place.

Embryo Freezing

Once the eggs get fertilized, they will remain in the laboratory for a matter of some days, growing and dividing, now called embryos. Not all eggs that are fertilized will divide to make nice embryos. Excess embryos may be re-frozen according to the decision one makes with their physician. Re-freezing the embryos is safe and will make it possible to do another transfer if the first one fails to perform its work, or to have a future child if the first transfer does work.

Egg freezing Success Rates

Describing the success rates of egg freezing can be a bit tricky. It is because many women do not use their eggs for many years after they are frozen, and some are those who don't use them at all by which the data about success rate becomes a bit difficult to compile. It is said that vitrification is significantly more effective as compared to the slow freezing technique and studies demonstrate that almost 90-95% of eggs frozen using vitrification process survive the thawing and freezing process, compared to just 61% of slow-frozen eggs. According to a report, the survival rate of a frozen egg using vitrification was 85% with pregnancy rates of 27%, which is similar to a 23% success rate for IVF in women aging 35 to 37.

Egg Freezing Cost

The cost of egg freezing depends upon the medical institution as well as place. A person will have to pay a cost for having the eggs collected and frozen. Along with that, there may be some expenses related to medication. You'll also have to pay storage cost and generally it is charged annually. Thawing eggs and transferring them to the wombs has a different cost. That's why it is important to make sure that a person gets a full cost treatment plan from wherever they are advancing for egg freezing so that they're not caught out by unexpected billing.

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