All you need to know about how to increase sperm count?

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How to increase sperm count-

A small drop in diet can happen to everyone. Sometimes this results in erectile dysfunction: impotence , soft erection or involuntary erection . Other times it is at the level of ejaculation that performance is affected and one can observe a sloppy ejaculation or a lack of sperm. For each problem there is an adequate solution. In this article we will look at the problem of lack of sperm production. You will see that with a few small adjustments, you can increase the volume of sperm in just a few weeks.

How to increase sperm count & regulate testosterone production?


The production of testosterone will depend on your lifestyle. So if you want to increase the sperm volume, you are going to have to change some habits! Of course, this involves practicing a regular sporting activity. But the main factor in sperm quality is your eating habits. As a reward for your efforts, not only will you produce more sperm, but you can also say goodbye to erectile dysfunction , low libido and problems with ejaculation.

How to increase sperm count by food: Watch your diet


One of the habits that you will have to change to increase the volume of sperm concerns your diet. But don't worry; there is no question of adopting a draconian low-calorie diet either. Just follow the basic advice any dietitian gives you: avoid fatty, salty and sweet foods. I'm sure there are plenty of foods in this category that come to mind: snacks, pastries, and crackers, cold meats. Not to mention their equivalent in drinks: sodas and alcohol. In short, eat healthy.

On the other hand, if you are overweight, we advise you in this case to refer to nutrition professional. In this way you can put in place a suitable diet and lose weight quickly. Obesity and being overweight are two factors that cause decreased sperm production.

Food to increase sperm count: Choose foods that promote sperm production


In addition to taking a few simple dietary habits, you can favour certain foods that stimulate the production of testosterone. To effectively increase sperm volume, integrate as much as possible:

  • Foods rich in antioxidants: fruits like oranges, lemon and grapefruit. On the drink side, green tea is excellent.
  • Consume zinc: oysters are particularly recommended, but you will also find it in chicken.
  • Make sure you eat enough vitamin B9 source foods like grains and vegetables. Otherwise you can supplement your diet with folic acid.
  • Remember not to consume enough vitamin D. You will find it in dairy products. In addition, you can expose yourself to the sun to promote its absorption.
  • Eat garlic to improve your blood circulation, which is very important in the genitals, which are stuffed with blood vessels.

In addition, there are 3 amino acids which are essential and take part in the production of testosterone. Among them are:

1.     L-Carnitine present in red meat and milk,

2.     L-Arginine found in nuts, seeds and eggs

3.     L-Lysine which is found in dairy products.

Finally, you can also increase the volume of semen by consuming aphrodisiac foods. There are also many natural Viagra recipes based on these foods. The most common are ginger, which you can consume in tea, peppers that you can incorporate into your dishes, as well as watermelon. These are the best food and fruits to increase sperm count and motility,

Use a dietary supplement to produce more sperm


If you are not a fan of upsetting your eating habits, or if you want results quickly, there is the dietary supplement solution! Made from natural ingredients, some of them have all the nutrients you need to increase your sperm volume. 

To know more about how to increase sperm count, how to increase sperm count by food, food to increase sperm count or fruits to increase sperm count and motility, visit the best fertility clinic in India.



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