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by David Richard Custom Software Development & Mobile Apps
Ecommerce sales have increased especially after this covid-19 pandemic. In the U.S. alone, e-commerce sales are expected to reach over $434 billion per annum and European sales are expected to hit nearly $250 billion per year by then, too. That is a situation for the rest of the world also.

The E-commerce business market is so big and many e-commerce sites were treated with suspicion by many internet users. While there are some internet users out there who have never believed in an online purchase and never purchase online.

As a business person, no one can afford to ignore good e-commerce website design. I am sharing here some interesting and comprehensive guides to creating great e-commerce sites, complete with examples.


There is a big difference between a multi-product site or a single-product site and one biggest difference is how to approach designing. Also, multi-product sharing sites have very different needs compared to single-product sharing sites whether that be a physical product or a virtual one.

Some industries use single-product sharing sites and have a single page. Also, opposite to that, some single-product sites have multiple pages, particularly for more expensive products.

Some sites selling multiple products have virtually multiple pages but if some small sites selling few things have a handful of pages.

So if a site has thousands of pages that have significantly different needs and in place of that small site with only a few pages have also different needs.


The design process for an e-commerce site isn’t different from the process for any other kind of site but there are some additional things to consider and to figure out before actually designing and throughout the process.

There are a lot of design constructs affecting and finding out what these are right from the beginning is very difficult.

Another thing to consider is product photos and whether there is a budget for new ones or not.

If you want to design a very unique site, every product photo you will have to use has a unique look. If you want to design a very unique site, every product photo you will have to use has a unique look. Because of the photos are unique it will make the products or websites themselves look good.

The sales funnel and how many pages exist between the site’s home page and the final checkout page is also an important consideration, and should be mapped out from the beginning.


There is a lot that goes into building a successful online store, but there are three key elements that every web design company take care of:


Every e-commerce site out there needs to build trust among their shoppers. If a shopper doesn’t feel like the site is trustworthy, they will take your business elsewhere.

Simplicity and ease of use:

An online store needs to be simple in the way that it functions. At no point should your shopper be left wondering what to do next.


Transparency goes hand-in-hand with trustworthiness but it goes further. Transparency means you need to make sure that things like contact information, merchant’s policies for things like shipping, and returns are easy to find.

It can also be tied into things like customer reviews on the site, and openly addressing any criticism that may come the merchant’s way.

Make sure that these three things are incorporated into every e-commerce site you design, along with the following best practices.

How do you design the kind of eCommerce store that will have products flying off your virtual shelves?

Well, I like to share here some detailed information with infographics by an experienced website design company that helps you to take your business to the next level.

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