eCommerce Promotion Ideas That Drive Traffic & Increase Revenue

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Increasing sales is critical to any successful business. A profit-oriented business should not be concerned only with a quick, short spike in revenue. Rather, the primary goal should be to ensure recurring sales over a continuing period.

The biggest mistake that a large majority of marketers make - whether knowingly or not - is to devote a huge chunk of their marketing budget to customer acquisition. Undoubtedly, customer acquisition is of paramount importance - but it can also turn out to be an expensive affair that eats into the budget of other promotional and marketing activities. Not only this, spending a fortune on just customer acquisition will diminish your profits in the short as well as long run.

So if you want to increase sales in your online store, you will need to think of creative ways to improve your profits while spending less. 

Here are some great eCommerce promotion ideas that have been proven to drive traffic and increase revenue.

Use Email Marketing

It is extremely important for every growth-oriented online business to take email marketing very seriously. The promotional emails sent by your business should have an attractive heading to catch the attention of recipients. The email body must be engaging throughout and there must be a definite and strong call to action with a sense of urgency. For instance, it could be a button labeled "Add to cart" or "Order now." In addition to this, your promotional emails should make customers feel wanted and special besides walking them all over your store, irrespective of whether they are first-timers or loyal customers.

Make Use of Discount Coupons

A smart business just doesn’t reach out to its customers unless it makes smart moves! It is a known fact that every customer, irrespective of his or her buying preferences or geographical location, likes to save money and loves discounts. Offering discounts on purchases is a sure-shot way to quickly draw more and more customers into your online store. 

Oftentimes, discounts prove to be the ‘winning ingredient’ in a successful business recipe. Not only do they bring success to a business in the form of improved reputation and increased sales, but are also excellent ways to meet and surpass planned sales figures in quick time. The first place online customers visit to claim their discount is a coupon website. To convert your sales and popularity out of discounts, it’s good to affiliate with coupon websites. You can see many online coupon websites like meant to promote your brand or products. You just need to pass your discount to certain websites in return for them sending traffic your way.

Generate Sales Through Paid Traffic

Undoubtedly, paid traffic is one of the easiest ways to generate sales for your eCommerce store. When done properly, paid traffic is extremely affordable and rewarding. Once you have a winning strategy on your hands, there is just no looking back! Start with spending small amounts to 'test the waters' by running multiple campaigns, then follow it up with multiple ad variations for those very same advertising campaigns.

Improve Awareness About Products And Brand

The biggest blunder that owners and marketers of an eCommerce store can make is to create a product and then immediately expect the cash registers to start ringing. You have to create enough awareness about your products and services by putting them before the world at large. You also have to ensure that your brand, products, and services enjoy a robust presence on popular and multiple marketing platforms. This will translate into more visits to your website, product page, social media pages. This, in turn, results in more leads, better conversion rates, higher sales, all of which together improve your profits.

Showcase Product USP And Other Advantages On Different Platforms

Showcasing the unique selling proposition and other advantages of your products and services on a wide range of marketing and other platforms is as important as creating awareness about them. You have to clearly, precisely, and accurately communicate to the customers why they should buy your products, what makes the product stand out from thousands and millions of similar products out there on the internet, and why they should your trust you now and in times to come.

Display Security Logos And Icons To Show Your Site Is Trustworthy

It is a known fact that customers will be reluctant to buy from a business that appears sketchy or otherwise untrustworthy. So the first thing that you must do as owner or marketer of an eCommerce store is to make sure that your eCommerce website is secure.

Remember, cyber security is a huge concern for today's tech-savvy and informed customers. It only makes sense for you to recognize this fact and make the required adjustments. Get approved and display security badges from brands like McAfee Secure, BBB Accredited Business, PayPal Verified, Secured by RapidSSL, VeriSign, etc.

It is also suggested to include and even highlight industry awards, personal recommendations, and testimonials on your eCommerce website. They will help you build and reinforce the reputation and goodwill of your store.

Make it a point to be transparent about insights on the inner functioning of your business. It is extremely important that you not try to cover things up. Remember, customers, appreciate your honesty and relations improve when you admit your mistakes and come up with a solution to make up for them. Like mom taught you, always have a big heart when it comes to giving credit to others where it is due (for instance, you should cite sources in content).

Generate Recurring Sales

Believe it or not, most eCommerce stores are good at acquiring new customers but lack the ability to make recurring sales. This happens primarily because they end up getting stuck in the one-product purchase-arena. This means that customers buy products from their website and feel happy about the purchases. However, the business doesn't give them enough compelling reasons to return and buy again.

For every product, there is an opportunity to generate recurring sales depending on the nature of the product line. For instance, if you are selling a skin ointment and you know that typical customers are more likely to replenish their skin ointments in a specific timeframe, you can schedule and automate emails or remarketing advertisements to encourage and re-engage those customers so that they purchase a refill. Alternatively, you can create subscription models for your product-based business.

Complementary Or Exclusive Cross-Sells

Cross-sells are great ways to enhance the average order value by providing complementary or interesting products to customers who are already planning to make a purchase.
The most common cross-sell for an online store is the complementary cross-sell that encourages a customer to buy more products. This is done through strategically positioning products (up for cross-sell) alongside a product that the customer has already added to their shopping cart.

Alternatively, a business can provide exclusive products that are only made available when customers purchase a different product. The fact that something "exclusive" is made available only when a specific product is purchased makes it exclusive and scarce - that entices customers to take the bait. You should always remember that the most effective cross-sell products are characterized by both smart automation as well as the personalization to customize a "dream offer" for a potential buyer.

By following these eCommerce promotion ideas, your business can surely become the beneficiary of increased website traffic and revenue.

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